Popunder ads: In today’s fierce market, all means are acceptable to attract new visitors. You will find various ad platforms helping you attract traffic and produce more leads; the popunder is one of the tools advertisers use to convert their offers across popunder networks.

From native advertising and banner advertising to search engine advertising, all those are associated with loyalty advertising. It enables the user to select whether click the ad or not. However, there are also aggressive ads like popunders that annoy most users.

But when used smartly and adequately, it may provide good results and less spending on traffic.

What is a Popunder?

Nearly all websites attract customers with this ad. Popunders are very specific and show automatically when the user opens a webpage. When you click the close button, the ad will show in a new window.

Should You Use Popunders?

Are you deciding whether to advertise online? You may think of various ad formats and even try some. Despite disturbing its users, popunder traffic converts more than other ad formats.

Further, popunder traffic wins if you consider the issue of blindness—where users ignore banners. Users must engage with popunders more consciously.

Popunders: Audience

Popunder ads target the right audience for you, getting a higher chance of being viewed. Further, pop ads run on and are adapted by various platforms, from mobile, and tablets, to laptops and desktops. Such flexibility makes it famous, with advertisers eager to reach their audience wherever possible.

The problem with banner ads is their viewability on mobile screens. Videos may not run due to various settings and are useless when the sounds are switched off. Meanwhile, popunders show up and work every single time.

Start to Ad Campaign

Popunder networks such as EZMob provide popunders as ad types. It will take a few minutes for you to sign up and get an approved account. After that, you can draft your first campaign that is typically approved in a few hours.

You will find various pricing models (pending on the popunder networks) accessible with popunder traffic ads, including:

  1. Cost-per-Mile (CPM)
  2. Cost-per-Sale (CPS)
  3. Cost-per-Lead (CPL)
  4. Cost-per-Install (CPI)
  5. Cost-per-Acquisition (CPA)

You can also pick the capping and frequency of your popunders ads. The frequency will display how many times the ad will be shown, while the capping determines the time of impressions. However, we don’t suggest getting lots of impressions every 24 hours.

Remember that your users will tend to get agitated. It makes no sense, and you’ll only waste your money.

Make sure you also add the most convenient deposit method for you. Standard payment methods available are Webmoney, Paxum, PayPal, Capitalist, ePayments, Payoneer, wire, and so much more. Don’t forget to specify the total and daily campaign budget as well.

The total may vary based on the offer, the Popunders campaign settings, and targeting.


Popunder traffic advertisers are growing each year, as many beginner affiliates are eager to try the most basic schemes. Still, you will find experienced ones opting for pops as various products work better with specific Popunder networks.

Popunders are often a famous option with pin submits, sweepstakes, health, beauty, coupon, dating, adult, and gambling.


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