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Throughout the years, various advertising forms have emerged from push ads, pop-under to pop up ads, among others. Marketers debate these types of ads are efficient while others are still doubtful to try it.

The reality remains that these ads are here to stay. Would you like to find out more about what is pop traffic and pop advertising in general? Let this guide help you out!

Definition of Pop Up Ads

In a nutshell, pop up ads are a type of advertising intended for increasing web traffic. Many website users are familiar with these ads, as they encounter them one way or another. Pop up ads are a great form of advertising, allowing different products and services to be on display.

So, why use pop up ads?

Despite the negativity revolving about pop-up advertising, they remain a practical and efficient way to market your products and services. Here are the reasons you should use it:

Reason #1. It offers versatility

Did you know pop ads could accommodate a broad spectrum of ads? They can also do different functions like stopping your audience from leaving the page until they click on the ad.

Making a new window when they’re closed or clicked ensures the audience sees the publisher’s message.

Reason #2. It supports traffic conversion

Your audience may seek your products or services for various reasons. Hence, you must determine such reasons and pitch your ads based on them for an efficient result.

The good thing about pop up ads is that they can help with that by providing relevant content to the right users, at the right time, and in the right place. Further, your conversion rate is anticipated to rise if you use pop up ads to fit your audience’s relevant reasons for seeking your website.

Reason #3. Receive immediate customer feedback

Pop-up ads can also be a practical way for you to get feedback from your audience. You can display FAQs where your audience can see and make inquiries regarding the products or services you’re trying to market.

It can also be utilized to introduce your users to other products or services you’re trying to promote. These ads help you gauge how your audience feels about your brand or displayed inventory.

Reason #4. It helps increase your visibility

This way of advertising is extremely visible. It is also programmed to occupy a portion of the screen that catches the user’s attention. In short, pop ads are considered freestanding ads and can be ignored by users as well but advertisers do land the users on their site. Display banner ads, on the other hand, will get many eyeballs to view your ads but not necessarily make the click.

Bottom Line

Overall, there’s no doubt that pop up ads are a practical way for you to pass along valuable data to your audience and an efficient way to get feedback from that same audience.

Embracing pop-up ads could substantially boost your conversion rates and profit margin simultaneously. That way of advertising is also highly suggested as it engages your audience and compels them to make a purchase.

If you are planning to start using pop ads for your marketing campaign, EZMob can help! Get in touch to find out more!

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