In-page push notification ads were launched earlier in 2020, while it does bear a resemblance to the traditional push notification ads, there’s a vast difference between traditional push and in-page push. We’ll go over the main differences in detail, but generally, in-page push does not require opt-in by the user and is operational across all devices and operating systems, mobile and desktop. Similar to traditional push, In-Page push notification ads are also CPC-based in terms of bidding.

In-Page Push notification ads feature list:

  • In-Page push ads are served similarly to how banner ads are served.
  • they look and feel just like traditional push notification ads.
  • In-Page push ads are served by directly integrated publishers.
  • No subscription or ‘allow’ is required to receive or view an In-Page push notification ad.
  • All operating systems and browsers support in-page push ads.
  • In-page push ads require a bid of min. $0.003 worldwide.
  • All available targeting features that are available for pop/banners/push are also available for an in-page push ad.

What are the best verticals or niches for in-page push notification ads in 2021?

 Similar to banners and apps or pop and gambling, in-page push ads tend to have better results with some verticals, it’s   still early days for in-page push, but for push, we see great results in the following verticals.

  • Gambling
  • Utilities and Antivirus
  • Lead Generation
  • Sports Betting
  • Adult
  • Sweepstakes & Surveys
  • Downloads
  • Dating

 Finding relevant offers for push ads is not a problem, there are hundreds of capable affiliate programs that can provide   offers in different geo’s and operating systems, you can run all those offers in one place, EZmob DSP.

Make sure to check out our Knowledge base and learn more about how to actually upload an in-push ads campaignoptimize it or fund your account

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