Pop traffic or popunder ads are still the most effective ad formats ,which are in abundant supply, today.  Launch a Pop or Interstitial campaign with EZmob Popunder Network.

popunder traffic sources for self-serve advertising

Advertiser Interface: A Self-Serve Advertising Experience

As always, we’re pleased to notify you of the latest changes to our platform. These changes we hope will impactful for our advertising clients and partners. We hope these new features will enable you with the tools you need to make EZmob your…
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interstitals popup advertisingEZMOB

Mobile Popups using EZmob’s mobile ad units drive 10x Interaction Rate

In an effort to engage users with mobile ad units, the mobile advertising visionaries at EZmob have created EZ Pops, a new and better way to engage mobile users. To create EZ Pops an independent study was done by an independent advertiser of…