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Are you one of those starting your journey on affiliate marketing? Lucky for you because you have numerous options to choose from. Others can make money with shareable links, while some can make revenue through an Amazon Store.

You may not know it yet, but one of the common marketing types has been referred to as “interruption marketing.” Some also call it pop marketing.

Under pop marketing, you will find two types: pop-under and pop-up ads.

  • Pop-Under Ads – These are ads loading behind the webpage and visible only when the viewer exits the site.
  • Pop-Up Ads – These are ads showing over the top of websites.

Are you planning to advertise? Then using pop-under traffic may not be the best option for you. Still, when combined with some tactics, it can provide excellent results.

In other cases, you can find a 300% boost in your ROI if you advertise with pop up traffic. Hence, it worth considering this at the very least.

Importance of Beautiful Landing Pages

Not all website visitors visiting your page will be attracted to the information you provide. Worse, if you don’t have any visitors at all, then it may be because of your landing page.

Remember that landing pages could make the difference as to whether a visitor stays to your site or not. This is all about presenting value—that could be the form of ebook, video content, or anything else that could appeal to your website visitors.

Benefits of Advertising with Pop-Up Traffic

It is excellent to know what benefits are accessible before you start any campaigns or landing pages. That’s especially true irrespective if you are planning to advertise a product or seeking to make money from referrals.

Some advantages you can get if you advertise with pop up traffic are as follows:

  • Start immediately
  • It’s easy and simple
  • Offers cheaper traffic
  • Needs minimum deposits only

Keep in mind that the use of pop traffic could be far more efficient with time. That’s because marketers need to focus on the landing pages instead of the ads.

Drawbacks of Using Pop Traffic

Just like with most things, pop traffic has its set of disadvantages too.

  • Competitive bidding for the same advertising field

There’s “enough to go around” when we talk about making ads. However, there will be scenarios when competitive competition suggests you’ll be paying more in ads.

How much it will cost will vary in different aspects. While it might not be that expensive, it would help if you consider putting a marketing campaign together.

How to Plan Your Pop-Under and Pop-Up Networks?

You may be wondering which of the two is the best. However, this depends on finding the ideal approach that works for your business. Remember that the success of your ads will also rely on the website it’s being used on.

It’s true that advertise with pop up traffic may not be the best forms of media buying. However, it plays an important role in connecting your business to customers. In other cases, it can be more efficient than opting to traditional forms of advertising.

If you are looking for a practical way to advertise with pop up traffic, EZMob got you covered!

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