Publisher ad formats

ad unit formats

A quick overview of how we help publishers earn more money on their existing traffic through various publisher ad formats.

EZmob offers demand for various types of publishers through different platforms and ad serving technologies. Our publishers are usually one of the below:

  • Premium display publishers able to support Ads.txt
  • Premium display publishers not able to support Ads.txt
  • Pop publishers, mainly streaming, downloads, mobile content type websites
  • Push publishers

We utilize different ad serving platforms to let our publishers monetize their traffic with ease.

Publishers may register on EZmob publisher platform, add their website by providing details of their placements such as the domain, vertical, etc. Publishers may choose between push notification ads, popunder ads and premium display tags at various creative sizes. Consult your manager today to understand which publisher ad formats is best for your website.

Once integrated on their websites, publishers may check back and view their reports on EZmob’s publisher dashboard, reports are available in date, placements and country formats, but publishers may contact their account manager for more details and data. Different publisher ad formats may show different results, and some placements will work better with different ad units, viewing your reports ongoing will help you determine the best type of website monetization tool for your site or app. Be sure to check back with our support team by chat, email, or support ticket to see which targeting parameters are yielding the highest eCPM for your account and be sure to scale accordingly.

EZmob cooperates with thousands of direct premium publishers and is by far the most experienced ad network to provide you with insights about what we know works well for you, we do website monetization via a variety of publisher ad formats in a dedicated and unique way. Get started today!