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Monetize Website Traffic

We’ve developed our platform to easily let you monetize your traffic from the audiences that matter to you. Whether you’re an advertiser, web publisher, or app developer, you can generate additional revenue on your existing mobile traffic today with EZmob.

EZmob connects premium web publishers and app developers to brands, direct advertisers and mobile ad exchanges through the best performing ad units on mobile.

Website monetization is the practice of publishers, who either own and operate a website or app, to make money from traffic generated by their properties. There are many different type of publishers, from cat blog owners to major news sites, but in one way or another, their Website monetization options are pretty much the same. Premium publishers ofter register their properties within the supply chain with ads.txt, a global standard used to map buyers and sellers of online traffic. Premium publishers obviously see the highest eCPM or rate per 1000 impressions they receive on their traffic since their users are generated directly by them and are not mediated between ad platform.



Create and manage your online campaigns, fund your account and go live. Choose between a wide variety of targeting options and optimize per publisher. Run either standard banner display ads or choose to run a variety of overlay ads that gain maximum engagement.

Publisher Network

Tap into an exclusive publisher network with quality-assured traffic buy. Each site we on-board goes through quality-assurance process and is tested for fraudulent activity .

100% Viewability

Our overlay ads coupled with an exclusive publisher network means your ads get shown and are 100% visible to users, this way you don’t pay for ‘below the fold’ impressions which can’t generate sales. Having 100% viewability means more conversions and ROI for your campaigns.


Website Monetization

Either by banner or overlay ads EZmob will connect your traffic to the highest bidder from a variety of demand partners, Gain access to our demand via the best ad serving technology has to offer and generate a high eCPM for your traffic. Website monetization is done best by us.


EZmob SDK enables publishers to serve various size banner ads and overlay ads. Ads can be integrated anywhere within the app and provide developers with a main or secondary revenue stream.

Various Ad Units

Each site is different in a way, and publishers can find a tailor-made solution with EZmob. Choose between a wide variety of monetization tools that fit your website and integrate them at key areas. Whether it’s display, overlay or both by integrating EZmob’s tags you gain access to strong demand partners and top tier technology.

Don’t miss out on one of the best ways to monetize your traffic. Register as publisher with EZmob today and start monetizing your website today.