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Buying traffic is a very broad term, in this article, we’ll try to go over a few examples of what that means when trying to promote your website, app, or affiliate offers online.

What does buying traffic mean?

Starting with the latter, traffic means visitors or web users as a whole that reach your pre-defined landing page or the result of your marketing campaign. Buying can be done in many different models so when someone is ‘buying traffic’ it usually means there are ad campaigns that are live and delivering said ‘traffic’ to a results-oriented landing page.

Is buying traffic a good idea?

Like any other profession, media buyers base their buy on a set of factors before even choosing an ad network to cooperate with. When done right, media buying or traffic buying is the best short-term strategy to boost your website’s inventory or to convert affiliate offers and be able to scale fast when you find that golden opportunity.

Where can I buy traffic from?

EZmob is a self-serve ad network that specializes in any type of advertiser client by giving our clients the tools they need to manage campaigns on their own with us to walk them through each step and advise on what works best on our platform, matching quality traffic sources with converting campaigns. There are many similar alternatives of course, from Google to BuySellAds, each ad network has its own specialty whether it’s a certain vertical or niche audience or a technology stack that allows other advanced targeting features.

Buying traffic:Definition

First, you need to understand what buying traffic is not. It is not buying web traffic generated by bots or paying people to visit your site. You will not get anything positive from such actions, the conversion rate will not increase, and the money will be wasted.

Buying traffic is an investment of money to attract the attention of the target audience so that in the future this activity will bring income, not a loss. This is advertising on various sources interacting with your target audience.

This traffic is the opposite of organic traffic and is paid. Organic traffic is powered by content marketing and SEO. Users searched for something themselves and you appeared in their recommendations without paying for it.

Paid traffic has many more advantages than organic traffic, and this is what makes it popular. The advantage of paid traffic is that you can quickly attract a large audience with less effort. With organic traffic, things are much worse, because you need to put a lot of effort, but attention to your site is still not guaranteed. With paid traffic, you can achieve high conversion rates. Hundreds and thousands of users with just one click.

Recommendations for buying traffic that is high-converting

To avoid many mistakes, you need to know how to buy traffic correctly. As simple as it sounds, many nuances will help you get it right and keep you from wasting money. Just follow the tips below and you will be surprised that buying traffic that is high-converting easier than you think.

Find out who your target audience is

What is more important for you is to pay a lot and show ads to every person who visits the Internet, or to a certain circle of people who will be interested in your offer. The choice is obvious. It is ad impressions only for a specific interested target audience that will increase your conversion. You need to know who your potential customers are, for example, their age, gender, location, place of work, income, interests, etc.

Where to get this data? It’s simple. 

  • You just need to analyze your current customer base.

This data can be found through customer surveys – they can be attracted in different ways, offering some kind of benefits or exclusive coupons. Or you can use a less effective, but also good and standard analytics tool like GoogleAnalytics.

  • Competitor analysis

A lot can be learned from competitors: what audience they are targeting, how they attract customers, where they place their ads, and what they are losing sight of.

  • Come up with an image of your client

To understand your client better than anyone else, you need to become one. Thanks to the survey data done earlier, this will be much easier. Provide a detailed image of your client through your lens – what offers might interest you?

Create 3-4 characters with different characteristics: different gender, ages, and nationality. All criteria depend entirely on the niche and the type of your business.

  • Decide who exactly does not fit the criteria of your target audience

It’s not just about clients who don’t fit your criteria. And about those who correspond to them, but will not be interested in your product.

If you know your target audience well, then by creating the right ad and buying traffic correctly you will always win.

Your content must meet the buyer’s expectations

There are several stages at which the client decides to purchase a product or service.

Well-structured content will help speed up the customer’s positive decision in your favor. And you won’t be mistaken by buying traffic.

At the first stage of awareness, the client begins to understand that he needs what you offer, but he still doubts the appropriateness. At this stage, it is important to give complete introductory information describing how you can cover his need.

At the second stage, the client begins to consider proposals and the choice of a company that will carry out this venture.

This is the stage of choosing among many companies, the one that suits you the best or will interest you more than others. At this stage, it is important to work out good content, video, and text format with strong calls to action.

At the last stage, the customer is ready to buy. It is very important to focus on closing the trade. Describe all your benefits, ratings, sales, and prices. You need to make sure that visitors know how to become a customer, add calls to action “Sign up”, “Get a demo”, and “shop now”. It is also very important that the buying process should be as easy and accessible as possible. There must be product photos, prices, and product reviews.

Each placement stage is important. This will require more effort, but the client should be familiar not only with the last stage but also with the initial ones. The result will be worth the investment.

Identify and track KPIs for buying traffic

  • This is necessary to understand how effectively you are working. If the result is not satisfactory, you should think about what to change to improve the result. After all, what was initially planned does not always coincide with the final result. Therefore, it is important to monitor the indicators.

Such as return on ad spend, clicks, cost per conversion, customer acquisition cost, conversion rates, impression and reach, etc.

Try a different approach

  • Flexibility is important for good results. If you are not adapting to situations and not looking for new approaches, then prepare for the appropriate return. You need to look for a new approach, how to interest a potential client, and how to build the correct chain of interaction, which is currently relevant in this niche.
  • Researching your KPI metrics will help you in the right optimization.It’s important to test different channels, calls to action, and audiences. This way it will be clear what works best for your audience.

Converting web traffic for buying: How does it work?

  • The site must match your marketing efforts.
  • The design of the page should attract the visitor, and the content should interest them in further acquaintance with the site. In turn, the buying process should be simple and enjoyable.
  • Also, update your mailing list. Perhaps at the moment, visitors will not be interested in your offer, but they will get acquainted with the new information, and they may return to you for some offers in the future.
  • The combination of all factors will provide you with a good flow of visitors, and this will lead to an increase in the number of your potential customers. Thus, your advertising costs will pay off and be multiplied.

Buying traffic that will convert: Preferred Sources

Where is the high converting traffic sold? Which platforms are the best to run campaigns with? Here are the top matches!


EZmob is a Display and Mobile Advertising Network. We provide monetization for website owners and SSPs and enable advertisers, agencies, and app developers with access to over 1 Billion users.

And EZmob is giving robust technology, a unique audience approach, and disruptive creative formats to enable brands and agencies to maximize the performance of their CTV, video, and display advertising globally. Worldwide coverage allows clients to scale with a steady conversion rate. 

You can create and launch effective ad campaigns, track, monitor and optimize to scale your conversions in one easy-to-use self-serve advertiser interface.

Also, you can launch your campaign from $50 to whatever your budget allows. Whether you are a media buyer who needs hands-on self-serve control and real-time analytics, a brand with hard KPIs and goals, or an ad network that is looking for more premium supply – we can support your demand.

EZmob’s self-serve interface enables you to easily configure and launch online campaigns of various ad formats such as Pop, Push, Native, and Display ads. 

Facebook Ads

Ads are displayed on social networks: Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, etc.

A very large audience can be reached here. This option is unobtrusive and will not annoy users like pop-ups.

Participation is a kind of auction, you will be charged for impressions and clicks.

Google Ads

Google is the search engine used by almost everyone in the world. Google Ads are a great way to reach the right audience with keywords.

You can target an audience based on age, location, gender, and device type. Also, you can target people with relevant browser history and remarket people who already visited your website but did not convert.

Google Ads works on a PPC (pay-per-click) basis.


This is an ad network with reliable targeting options, a huge number of publishers, and impressions per day. You can set up a black and white list for publishers, and display times. Аd formats are pop-unders, push notifications, banners, native ads, videos, and a very special social bar that offers even more ad formats. You can buy high converting traffic on a CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL, or CPI basis.


It is an ad network that covers a large number of countries. Thanks to it, you get high converting traffic. An important point is the ad fraud detection tool, which in turn will protect you from ad blocking and allow you to reach a large audience.

Bot traffic: what is it and how to avoid it

This is the easiest way to monetize websites among cheating publishers. These are not customers visiting your site.

Bot traffic does not make sense, because visiting the site is not carried out by living people and it does not carry any value for you, and resources will be wasted.

EZmob can help you to increase website traffic with real people!


Buying high converting traffic is not difficult, the main thing is to know where to buy it. Define your target audience, test and optimize your campaigns. Now you know how to do it and the top platforms that will help you with it. Our recommendation is to register on EZmob. This enables you to easily configure and launch online campaigns of various ad formats suitable for your needs.

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