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Earn More

EZmob offers direct advertiser demand, effective demand-side integration partners to give you maximal coverage and eCPM.

Easy Integration

Each one of our ad formats is manually verified but automatically approved allowing you to integrate in under a minute, and start earning.

Relevant ads

Choose your vertical and receive top-line demand partners worldwide. Our technology will match and retarget users across our network and partner SSPs to provide you with the best value ads for your users.


We’ve got you covered.

EZmob is a unique publisher monetization platform that provides direct mobile and desktop demand through RTB, XML, Push Notification ads, and Pop-unders. With a simple straightforward integration, you will gain access to various DSPs and demand partners worldwide and at a sufficient scale. In addition to our in-house technology, we provide you with various integrations options that meet current industry standards.

Choose the right type of integration for your business

EZmob supports various type of integrations and ad servers, make sure to read the below information and apply through the relevant form to reach the relevant person and department


Self-Serve Interface

Register to the self-serve publisher dashboard if you’d like to instantly register your direct website domain, receive ad unit tags, add them to your website and start earning. Each domain is manually validated and approved, an account manager will reach out to you once ad requests are recorded and will provide support for your account. Start monetizing your inventory with us today.

Supported ad formats

  • Display banners
  • Interstitials
  • Redirect Link
  • Popunder js tag
  • Push notification tags – upon contact with AM
  • In-Page Push Ads
  • Calendar Ads

Push Monetization

Push notification ads are here to stay, providing publishers with an additional monetization layer on top of existing banner placements or popunder tags, push marketing allows publishers to continuously monetize their users even though users are not directly on their site. Publishers can choose between revenue-share generated by advertiser campaigns or CPS, where publishers earn by increasing their subscriber base which is now opt-in for ads.

Publishers must be able to verify their domain as well as be able to generate over 1000 subscribers per day on average. To contact our push monetization team click the button below.

xml marketing

XML Marketing

Connected to direct pop publishers? Utilize EZmob publisher monetization platform to manage your push user subscriber base. EZmob provides access to direct advertisers using its self-serve advertiser platform as well as over 100 XML demand-side integration partners providing the highest bid for popunders, push notifications, and XML search feeds.


Programmatic Advertising

If you’re operating your own exclusive supply and demand, reach out to us and inquire about integrating via openRTB to both our supply and demand sources. All ads are scanned and monitored for viewability and ad fraud to provide our demand sources with clean effective inventory, if you would like to integrate with our exchange apply by filling this short form.

Not sure? Contact a member of our team

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