Unleashing the Power of EZmob's XML Marketing Capabilities

In the rapidly evolving digital advertising landscape, XML marketing has become an essential tool for marketers to serve, buy, and sell pop, push, and in-page ad inventory effectively. EZmob, a leading player in the industry, has harnessed the power of Adkernel’s SaaS API to connect thousands of direct publishers and well-known ad exchanges, making it a top choice for advertisers and publishers alike.

This article delves into the XML marketing capabilities of EZmob, focusing on pop, push notification ads, in-page push ads, and calendar push ads.

Looking to scale your campaigns with pop and push media buy via XML marketing? EZmob connects you with hundreds of premium and direct publishers worldwide, targeting by domain, audience, and much more to get the users that will convert for you.

    1. Promote your campaigns or monetize your traffic.
    2. Support for Display, Pop, Native, and Video Ads.
    3. Access to 3B+ daily impressions
    4. Access direct publishers and over 50 SSPs and DSPs.
    5. Aggressive inventory monitoring
    6. Worldwide supply and coverage
    7. Support of ads.txt supply
    8. Comprehensive targeting capabilities.
    9. Timely NET30 Payments Via Capitalist, PayPal, Wire, Paxum, and Payoneer for qualified publishers.
    10. Dedicated support team via chat and email

Interested in XML marketing for Pop? Working with a bidder and looking for more quality users? We support integration with our pop XML via Adkernel, data blocks, and other ad-serving technologies and bidders.

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Table of Contents

Understanding EZmob's XML Marketing Capabilities

EZmob’s technology is built upon Adkernel’s SaaS API, a robust platform with a wide range of products and features designed to support ad serving, traffic monetization, and performance marketing. With Adkernel’s powerful backend, EZmob offers a seamless experience for users, allowing them to navigate the complexities of XML marketing.

XML is mainly used for text-based, non-display-oriented ads, meaning pops, push notifications, calendar push notifications and native ads. XML may serve images, for example, with native ads or push ads, but mainly it’s known for being the best method for serving popunder ads and pop ads

XML Publisher Management

One of the key components of EZmob’s XML marketing capabilities is its robust XML publisher management system. Powered by Adkernel, this system efficiently serves and scales XML/JSON feed-based campaigns, offering a variety of CPV templates, deal models, and tracking features such as impressions, clicks, conversions, and amounts.

The self-serve publisher user interface is packed with detailed reports and support features, making it easy for publishers to manage their ad inventory.

Learn how to setup popunder campaigns and more about campaign management on EZmob’s Helpdesk

What is an XML Ad Feed?

An XML ad feed is a basic file, which is used for online advertising services, mainly when advertising products on Google, Facebook, and Comparison Shopping Services. In XML feeds are usually sent data of hundreds – thousands of products. An XML feed is usually on some URL address, for example, www.ads.com/feed.xml

In our case, the XML feed is not necessarily a shopping-oriented feed, although it can be, generally, for this article, we’re looking at XML feeds that are used between ad networks and major publishers to serve a certain type of ads via XML ad serving technologies.

Demand Side Management Features

EZmob provides its clients with instant access to over 1000 integrated demand sources, complete with automated third-party aggregated data. The platform makes it easy to resolve discrepancies between integrated partners, allowing users to manage discrepancies at every reporting level.

With Adkernel’s automation capabilities, advertisers can easily manage push and popunder campaigns with click, conversion, and impression-based rule automation. This enables clients to eliminate subIDs and publisher feeds for the most effective conversion rate. Advertisers also have access to a full-featured interface, payment gateways, and knowledge bases provided by Adkernel.

Coverage and Ad Formats

EZmob’s XML marketing capabilities extend to a wide range of ad formats, including popunder, push notification ads, in-page push ads, and calendar push ads. The platform’s extensive coverage ensures that advertisers and publishers can effectively reach their target audiences worldwide.

Integration and Compatibility

EZmob’s platform is compatible with a variety of third-party integrations, including Google ADX, AppLoving, and 50+ other DSPs. On the supply side, EZmob connects to direct publisher sources via header bidding or JS tags, streamlining the ad inventory management process. Additionally, EZmob is compatible with various traffic fraud monitoring services, demographic data providers, and ads.txt validation technologies.


EZmob’s XML marketing capabilities have proven to be a game-changer for serving, buying, and selling pop, push, and in-page ad inventory.

By leveraging the power of Adkernel’s SaaS API, EZmob offers a comprehensive solution for advertisers and publishers to navigate the complex world of digital advertising. With a wide range of ad formats, extensive coverage, and seamless integration with third-party services, EZmob’s XML marketing capabilities are well-equipped to meet the needs of today’s digital marketers.


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