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EZmob is a full-service mobile advertising company with both leading-edge technology and deep expertise in marketing strategy, media buys, and building apps from the ground up.

  • Integrate via XML for POP traffic or oRTB for Display.
  • Support for Display, Pop, Native and Video Ads.
  • Access to 7B daily impressions
  • Access direct publishers and over 50 SSP
  • Comprehensive targeting capabilities.
  • Timely NET30 Payments Via PayPal or Wire.

Interested in XML integration for Pop? Working with a bidder and looking for more quality users? Contact us today and gain access to a network of thousands of direct publishers and the worlds leading SSPs and premium publishers. We support integration with our pop XML via Adkernel, Datablocks and various other ad serving technologies and bidders. Contact us today to join our real-time bidding advertising exchange.

XML Integration

Buy and sell mobile and online traffic via XML technology integration, Gain access to many verticals like pop, adult, search, and downloads.

OpenRTB Integration

For Maximum Reach, Private Auctions, Premium Inventory & Powerful Bidding! Support for OpenRTB protocol 2.3 and 2.4 available. Traffic for in-app, mobile web, native and video demand.

Direct Publishers

Access our direct publisher supply, thousands of vetted publishers generating both web and in-app traffic.

Mainstream and Adult Verticals

Choose from various traffic verticals such as mainstream, adult, finance, gaming, apps, utilities and many more.

Affiliate Networks

Connect to our online and mobile web inventory and scale your affiliate marketing offers instantly, we cooperate with the world’s top affiliate networks and work with app developers and brands to scale their media buy efforts with loyal mobile users. Tap into our ad exchange of 100’s of thousands of publishers through a remote feed or API integration, target by domain or app and convert relevant users.

Native Ads

Diverse native, video ad formats to impress and engage users where the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed.


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