Engaged with Push and Pop via XML?

open rtb integration

openRTB Integration v2.4

Looking to scale your campaigns with programmatic media buy via open RTB integrations? EZmob connects you with hundreds of premium and direct publishers worldwide, target by domain, audience and much more to get the users that will convert for you.

  • Support of ads.txt supply
  • Promote your campaigns or monetize your traffic.
  • Support for Display, Pop, Native and Video Ads.
  • Access to 3B+  daily impressions
  • Access direct publishers and over 50 SSP and DSPs.
  • Aggressive inventory monitoring
  • Worldwide supply and coverage
  • Comprehensive targeting capabilities.
  • Timely NET30 Payments Via PayPal, Wire, Paxum and Payoneer for qualified publishers.
  • Dedicated support team via chat and email

Interested in XML integration for Pop? Working with a bidder and looking for more quality users? Contact us today and gain access to a network of thousands of direct publishers and the worlds leading SSPs and premium publishers. We support integration with our pop XML via Adkernel, Datablocks and various other ad serving technologies and bidders. Contact us today to join our real-time bidding advertising exchange.

Pop via XML and openRTB