What does buying cheap popunder traffic get you?

Although popunder ads have been here since the early dawn of the internet, some media buyers still have a hard time inserting them into media buying plans due to the negative image it may bring the brand, traffic quality concerns and worries about volume traffic reaching your website. All these are valid reasons, but let’s break down what buying cheap popunder traffic means for you. 

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Why are popunder ads cheap?

Popunder ads are a volume business, due to their nature and popularity with publishers there’s a huge volume for media buyers to buy daily and globally. 

Due to the enormous amount of ad requests available for media buyers and affiliate marketers to buy, and as any first year economics student can tell you, it’s all about supply and demand. 

Internet marketing is no different, where you have volume of ads the price, or in our case bids, will be cheaper. 

What are the main advantages of buying cheap popunder traffic?

Higher popunder volume brings the cost down

As mentioned above, the sheer volume of popunder ads across most ad networks will make the bids low and provide an easy entry point for most performance advertisers. Check out the image on the right that details the daily inventory EZmob has to offer its buyers in popunder ads.

Cheap popunder ads minimum bids

The minimum bids for popunders and pop ads for EZmob are only $0.20 CPM. This means you can get 1000 people landing on your website for just 0.20c. This is great for many reasons which we’ll discuss below. 

Learn how to spot cheap popunder ads opportunities

As SEO marketers do for keywords that show low competition and high volume, media buyers who buy pop usually look out for combinations of operating systems and countries that both show high volume and low competition. 
Usually these regions will allow you, as a media buyer, to buy cheap popunder traffic unlimited by raising bids due to competition. 

Test new offers with cheap popunder traffic

Affiliate marketers usually buy cheap popunder traffic for a wide variety of affiliate offers, instead of setting up many different campaigns, affiliate marketers’ strategy usually is to combine several offers of the same targeting into one SmartLink and run that SmartLink with pop. 
Then, after some media has been bought affiliate marketing professionals will cross-reference their data on their affiliate tracking platform with the data offered by EZmob’s advertiser reporting interface and see which offers work the best with EZmob’s publisher’s inventory. 
This allows a wide test that covers a lot of offers with a lot of publishers and placements. This allows for a quicker start for most affiliate offers and allows the affiliate marketers to get on with converting offers faster. 

What are some disadvantages of buying cheap popunder traffic?

Cheap popunder traffic: Quality concerns

Buying cheap popunder traffic is unlike buying cheap programmatic traffic. The main difference is in the transparency for media buyers, compared with programmatic advertising popunder marketing is less transparent and allows less data on traffic source origins. 
This usually creates uncertainty with advertisers about the quality of cheap popunder ads, especially when said placements don’t generate conversions, when they do everything is of course fine, it’s when they don’t that advertisers become concerned. 
EZmob uses the best traffic monitoring technologies to make sure that no matter what you bid you will bid on a real human user. This will allow you to focus on getting conversions and not doubting if you should buy the cheap popunder traffic or not. 

Cheap popunder volume is great, if you're ready for it

Sometimes advertisers use pages with a not-so-powerful hosting provider, this, unfortunately, allows for a slower time to content for websites, and when that happens users simply browser away from your page. 

Make sure you beef up your server and are able to take in more concurrent traffic when running popunder campaigns so you can make the most of each click. 

How are pop ads vetted for traffic quality?

Since ad fraud is rampant with ad fraud in general, it pays to fight ad fraud across the board, specifically for pop ads as including. EZmob monitors its inventory with 3rd party independent monitoring services such as ClearTrust that allow a plethora of parameters to be picked up from each click we deliver to our clients and the tested again notorious fraud data banks. We filter a substantial amount of our traffic for a wide variety of parameters such as IP mismatch, Bots, user-agent mismatch, campaign limits, repeated clicks, and more. See a snapshot of one publisher’s traffic below:

What are Popunder ads?

Popunder ads is a new tab that’s opened below the browser the user is currently using. Then, when a user shuts down the browser or minimizes the tab which is active, then, the popunder ad will show. 

This effect is way more engaging than pop ads that are usually immediately closed by users. 

Pop-under ads provide media buyers with excellent opportunities to easily launch campaigns, even if they don’t have a creative prepared. 

What sort of creatives does one require to buy cheap popunder traffic?

Usually, professional affiliate marketers prepare landing pages and funnels that better capture the user. 

But if you have an affiliate offer that you believe should convert on its own, we suggest you start the campaign and improve it as you go since you don’t have. to have a creative landing page, just the affiliate tracking URL you were given by the affiliate network.

Are cheap popunder ads really that cheap?

If you compare CPM rates to CPM rates with other ad formats then cheap popunder ads might not seem the cheapest. For example, on EZmob self-serve advertiser platform you can buy banner ad inventory for only $0.20c CPM, the same as popunder ads, so why are popunder ads cheaper? 

The answer is that because both are priced the same does not mean it will give you the same value. 

When you buy 1000 banner impressions and pay $0.20c CPM you get 1000 views on your banner – when you buy cheap popunder traffic for $0.20c CPM you are buying users that are landing on your site and might be engaged, remarketed to, and more. 

Do I have to give up on any targeting features to buy cheap popunder traffic?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a major brand or a newbie affiliate marketer you pay the same minimum bid. Which means you enjoy the same technology, same configuration options when setting up campaigns, same everything. 

Some of the features available for pop advertisers for targeting specific audiences are: 

The main targeting features available for pop advertisers: 

    1. Browser
    2. Operating system
    3. Operating system
    4. Placements or subIDs
    5. Carrier
    6. Country and City
    7. IP
    8. Whitelist/Blacklist
    9. Browser
    10. Device brand
    11. Platform

and more. 

The bottom line

If you are running affiliate offers and doing traffic arbitrage you should be busy buying cheap popunder traffic. It will help you and your online business to generate better ROI, it’s faster to work with than any other ad unit and the threshold to start is minimal. 

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