iOS Calendar push ads.

EZmob has recently added a very effective ad format for advertisers, iOS Calendar Push Ads, from the name you can gather they allow only iOS users, but what’s unique about them is how they are served to users. We’ll do our best to cover that in this article. 

Calendar Push ads are triggered by the native calendar app that’s available on any mobile device, once users opt-in to a certain publisher or subscription-based calendar audience, among the vertical-based calendar events that the users opted-in to receive, users will also receive relevant native ads within the event-based stream as part of the publisher’s service.

Are iOS Calendar Push Ads a gimmick or here to stay? 

What are calendar push ads?

With this latest ad format, you can use the Calendar application for sending push notifications ads to iOS-based devices. Like web push (regular push), a subscription-based model is leveraged. Essentially, every user is notified via a calendar opt-in subscription.

If the user chooses to subscribe, he becomes eligible for obtaining calendar push ads. After sending an ad, the user will find it on his calendar app as an upcoming event. Once the ad is sent, the user will be notified about the event via push notification and several times as the event approaches.

What do Calendar Push Ads look like?

Every ad is presented as a calendar event wherein the title is displayed. Upon clicking on the ad, users are directed toward the calendar event, and the URL is presented there. Advertisers can also incorporate a short description to each ad, further explaining your event. After the user clicks the URL, they will be navigated to the advertiser landing page.

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iOS Calendar Push Ads Deliver The Lowest CPAs

When it comes to iOS traffic, calendar push has undoubtedly resulted in the lowest CPA. iOS Calendar Push Ads generates more attention, thereby arousing increased interest among iOS users when compared to other formats, thereby creating higher CRs and lower CPAs.

As the format is new, there’s a lot we don’t know yet. However, until now, it has demonstrated substantial success. Since iOS users typically enjoy a better disposable income, you can be assured that even premium offers will operate seamlessly. Particularly in tier-1 and tier-2 countries, additional iOS traffic is normal. The following kinds of offers exhibit the best results.

What works with iOS Calendar Push Ads?

    1. iOS apps downloads
    2. Anti-virus
    3. VPNs
    4. Financial
    5. Crypto
    6. Gambling

How can you run Calendar Push Ads?


If you’d like to launch your own calendar push ad campaign, you should register an advertiser account on EZmob’s self-serve ad platform, once you’ve registered an account simply click manage campaigns and choose Çreate Calendar Push Campaign. 

Increased latency between clicks and deliveries

Since the ad is presented as an upcoming event, it can be clicked on at any time, including after the event. Hence, even a few days following the delivery, you may be notified of clicks. However, you won’t be charged for every click recorded after 72 hours.

Increased overspends risks

Since there are longer breaks between clicks and deliveries, budget overspends might be a pertinent issue. Since clicks may come up to 3 days following the delivery of the ad, it is challenging to make accurate estimations regarding your expenditure. But with the acquisition of more data regarding this latest format, it would become possible to mitigate such overspends. However, until that happens, you may be spending about 200-300% of your everyday budget.

A good title is a must

Become the content writer you never wished to be. Unlike popads, here you need a good ad copy since an icon or image cannot be added, it makes the title and description significant. Emoji can still be used to drive attention toward your ad and enhance the CTR. 

Quick Landing pages


Similar to push ads, the performance of calendar push would be better if the landing pages are quicker. Moreover, it is best to optimize landing pages so they work well with iOS devices such as iPhones, where Safari operates as their default browser.

Curious to learn more? Here’s another interesting article: How to send advertising ios calendar notifications.

Calendar users don't have to be browsing, just active and online


Similar to push ads, users directly receive the calendar notification ads on their devices whether or not they are using the internet. Thus, the reach of calendar push is much better than other formats, such as in-page push, which is showcased when an individual opens a specific website.

The bottom line

Calendar Push Ads might be a gimmick but for the time being, they are generating a higher CTR and better eCPA for media buyers so they are definitely worth a small test with a good affiliate offer. 

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