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Delivery app case study [DoorDash]

In this delivery app case study, we take a look at how popunder ads can convert well CPI offers, especially for affiliate offers based on installs and KPIs, CPI offers can certainly be converted with push and popunder traffic, not just content and social networks that will deliver the same conversions just for a very high eCPI.











The Product / Offer

DoorDash is a popular food delivery app, as they’re expanding into the new marketing, in this case – Canada, you may find more budgets open to exploring through various affiliate networks. The fact that DoorDash is so well-known may be a good thing but also a challenge. It’s great since clients that have not installed DoorDash yet might need one more push to become users, and you may reap the benefits for that, but it also means the app might be already available on users’ phones without your help. 

This offer is open to mobile devices, available both for Android and iOS, in this app delivery case study we’ll focus on results generated to the android app store. 

The landing page

For this delivery app case study, traffic reaches the app store landing page or app profile page. We did not use any landers or pre-qualifiers for this campaign. We simply had a good enough conversion rate which was around the benchmark we were familiar with for this app and didn’t bother with optimizing our funnel. I realize this may be frowned upon, and I may usually prefer to do ‘proper’ marketing with different funnels and A|B testing, etc. But this was during one of those months when I had many campaigns to buy media for and honestly, if this offer was not working for the standard funnel I might have just moved on to other affiliate offers that were working well for me. 


The campaign

The targeting of the campaign 

  • Canada only
  • Android only
  • AT&T carrier only

That’s pretty much it for targeting, the app is lite enough to target carriers and AT&T was what we ended up spending the most on. It’s not that other carriers were not open for this campaign, but we did get our campaign daily caps met daily for these offers and there was no need to open up further our campaign targeting. 

The popunder campaign was launched with the lowest bid available through EZmob which is $0.20 CPM, initially, we gave it a couple of days to collect some data and once each publisher feed reached a total of about $200-300 in spend per that feed, we started ‘weeding out’ sub-placements or SUBIDs generated by each publisher feed. 

Our logic is that within about $10 roughly we should see one conversion starting out the campaign. If a certain SUBID reached that amount without a conversion we’d either duplicate it in a lower-bid campaign or remove it completely from the campaign targeting configurations. 

So, to summarize our targeting for this delivery app case study

  • mobile-only
  • android OS (all versions)
  • all browsers
  • ID country targeting
  • only carrier targeting

The bottom line

DoorDash works amazingly well with popunder traffic inventory. The conversion rate on average throughout the campaign has been stable at around 1.5% from click to install. For popunder traffic, including the exploratory phase of the campaign where we bought traffic through a plethora of different SUBIDs generated by hundreds of publishers EZmob has to offer. 

A few insights we’ve collected throughout this campaign 

  1. The most recent OS version might not get the best conversion rate. Actually, earlier OS versions managed to deliver an unexpected conversion rate and conversion count. 
  2. different browsers of course provided different conversion rates but with a considerably high difference, focusing further on browser targeting and setting bids accordingly might have yielded more profit. 
  3. pop can convert CPI and CPA offers easily. 
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