Imagine if you can monetize every visitor that visits your website even if they don’t click any of your banners. Sounds appealing, right? This post aims to teach you secrets about advertising with pop traffic and how to make money with pop ads.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, risk plays a vital role in success. You need to be one step ahead of your competitor, or you’ll need to chase them. Indeed, that does not indicate you must take the risk without considering the impacts of every action.

Remember that calculated risks are the answer to your success, allowing you to catapult to an entirely new level.

Top ways you can make money with pop ads

  • Take advantage of different traffic sources

Whatever vertical you are currently in, go out and launch your campaign in about five new geographies over the next two days.

For instance, assume you are testing adult campaigns in Argentina, but you don’t see the potential in that place. You can go out and have your landing page translated into Spanish. Find then 3-5 adult offers for Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, and Ecuador.

Create a test, run traffic to every campaign and check which one does the best to make money with pop ads.

  • Look for a lucrative offer

You should have at least two campaigns launching regularly. The more you could launch, the quicker you’ll understand what’s working and what’s not. But what are the best offers to make money?

Here are some of them:

  • App installs
  • Sweepstakes
  • 1-click mobile content

Focus, focus, focus

Many beginner affiliates keep the same mistake—distribute the same offer to at least twelve affiliate networks.

That may not be a bad thing. But you need to test different offers in the beginning. Doing so will help you find the best converting offer. Concentrate on working with trusted networks with massive offers in the beginning. Then try to test offers with two networks and not more.

Not doing this may lead you to not finding a lucrative offer to start with.

  • Choose the best traffic source for your offer

Are you struggling with how to advertise with pop ads traffic and make money with it? One thing you need to ask yourself is, are you using a good or traffic bad source?

The truth is there’s no bad traffic source. However, a few traffic sources do better than others. Different factors can cause that. The less known sources could be just useless.

For instance, a campaign does poorly on one source but offers a 100% return on investment on another source. That does not indicate the first source was bad. Instead, it was not the ideal fit for the campaign. Not every source make money with pop ads.

  • Improve your targeting

You can target by either mobile or Wi-Fi carrier. Even certain mobile carriers could be targeted. But keep in mind that you can also target through Blacklisting ISPs at the campaign level.

  • Streamline the campaign

Different strategies have their pros and cons. Do your duty and research if you like to have a better understanding of every marketing strategy. Only then can you pick one or combine which best works for you.

Which of these methods on how to advertise with pop traffic would you plan to do today? Start your pop ads campaign today with EZMob!

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