What's PeerClick tracker?

Today, our review is about one of the most popular and feature-rich trackers in the affiliate tracking niche, PeerClick. This tracking solution enables affiliates to track, report, and improve their affiliate offers and programs in real-time. 

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Why should marketers track with the PeerClick tracker? ​

PeerClick is a veteran affiliate tracker founded in 2017, has since made thousands of updates to its product, and has seen thousands of affiliates actively using its services. That experience puts them ahead of most other tracking solutions; when it comes to monitoring, nothing beats experience.

Well, pricing is often a great incentive to sign up with a tracking company, but PeerClick and EZmob provide a great deal on setting up an account on PeerClick; keep reading below. 

PeerClick Tracker: Top 10 Features

Scalable cloud-based tracker

PeerClick tracker is a cloud-based SaaS. It’s worth mentioning since for 99% of affiliates cloud-based is the way to go, no starting affiliate would want to start his or her journey by setting up expensive servers and hosting self-hosted tracking services before launching a campaign.

PeerClick takes care of that not only by making their server served by cloud but also by making that cloud hosting especially vast by having data-centers in 5 different continents to guarantee a fast response. That allows redundancy and scalability for their clients and partners. 

PeerClick's audience segmentation tools

PeerClick enables their clients to segment their audiences which is critical to be able to make money with offers. Users can set up simple rules to automatically segment users by connection type, devices, platforms, referrals, URL, and MACROS.

145 Traffic Sources Integrated

One of the best features of cloud-based trackers is that they come packed with useful resources, specifically the count of ad networks and affiliate programs the Peerclick tracker is already integrated with. 
PeerClick tracker offers a vast directory of integrated traffic sources and affiliate networks this allows you to set up campaigns without going through each ad network you’re working with and updating their tracking template manually. You can just get to work on their super easy and friendly user interface. 

Of course, EZmob is integrated with PeerClick. But other than EZmob, there are over 140 other traffic sources that you can pick and easily use to easily set up and track offers.

250+ Affiliate Network Integrated

The most amount of integrated affiliate networks is achieved by PeerClick, with over 250 affiliate networks integrated and ready to import offers and data from. This feature is critical for affiliate marketers since they usually like to stick with affiliate networks that are stable, both on the quality of offers but also for making payments on time. 

Here’s the complete list of PeerClick’s integrated affiliate networks:

PeerClick is localized

PeerClick’s team took the time and localized its interface to Russian and Chines too, markets that are rich with affiliate marketeers.


Anti-fraud plugins

PeerClick’s Anti-Fraud Protection enables you to focus on converting campaigns and not fighting ad fraud. The tools PeerClick provides their clients with lets users pinpoint bad traffic so users can apply changes and weed it out of their campaigns and spending. 

How to add EZmob as a traffic source on PeerClick?

Add Traffic Source

Adding traffic sources in your PeerClick’s tracker account is very easy to do, PeerClick’s incentive is to allow you to work with the pop ad networks you are already familiar and buying traffic for. 

  1. Go the Traffic Sources
  2. Choose New 
  3. Search for EZmob
  4. Click Add Network
  5. Save 

Setup PeerClick Campaign and Get Click URL

Once you have added EZmob as a traffic source proceed with the campaign creation. Once you save the campaign configuration a Click URL will be generated automatically.

Set up conversion tracking on PeerClick


If you really want a consolidated tracking platform to give you all the features possible you should consider implemented conversion tracking in any onclick popunder campaign you run with EZmob or with other pop ad networks. 

Tracking is consolidated by taking the EZmob S2S postback URL, available on the profile page, and inputting it in the S2S Postbacks field in PeerClick. 

ezmob pixel tracker

Once you have EZmob’s pixel URL, copy it and paste it into the campaign setting in PeerClick’s tracking interface. 

Make sure to replace {token} with {ref_id} MACRO.

Make sure you update your EZmob campaigns with the relevant PeerClick URLs you have prepared and launch your campaigns. 

That’s it; you’re PeerClick account is now fully integrated with EZmob as a traffic source. PeerClick’s

s2s postback

How much does PeerClick cost?

Peerclick grants all EZmob users one million events/mo for three months for free! Moreover, after three months, you can buy this plan for an incredible price – only 19$🔥

What does this exclusive Peerclick discount offer?

    1. Automation rules for traffic distribution
    2. 20 active offers 
    3. 1 custom domain + SSL
    4. One cloaking campaign
    5. Performance logs for
      1. Clicks
      2. Conversions (out and input postbacks)
      3. Display (visits/clicks/conversions/postbacks)
    6. Visual reporting with 4-level grouping drill down
    7. Charts – detailed visualizations of visits, clicks, conversions, revenue, cost, and profit.
    8. Direct and postback pixels
    9. Landing Page protection – protect your landing pages from spy tools that may copy your landing pages. 
peerclick tracker pricing

Manage entities and generate reports using REST API with JSON.

Get fully suited with PeerClick reporting through REST API with JSON. Pulling the reports you need for your reporting interface is critical for some affiliate marketers. 

Any alternatives to Peerclick?

Other trackers you can read about on our blog are: 

  1. CPV Lab Pro
  2. Adsbridge
  3. Skro
  4. Voluum
  5. RedTrack
  6. Trackier
  7. Bemob

The bottom line

PeerClick is a solid affiliate tracking tool with much more to offer, it’s loaded with features and comes at a great price, we couldn’t recommend it more!

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