What's Bemob tracker?

Bemob tracker is a tracking tool designed to provide affiliates and media buyers with an all-in-one monitoring tool that enables growth and deeper insights than ever before. Bemob enables advertisers to track their campaigns, scale their growth and analyze their results throughout their journey. 

In this review, we’ll take a look at the most useful features provided by Bemob and why you should use them on your next campaigns with EZmob’s self-serve advertiser platform. We’ll also provide you with a great promotion from Bemob giving EZmob’s users a 25% discount for their first month. 

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Why should affiliate marketers track with Bemob tracker? ​

There’s a growing list of tracking tools, each with its unique features and tools, its own list of integrated networks and specialties whether their cookie-less tracking or better insights from the affiliate reporting interface. It seems Bemob has grown to accommodate many of those affiliate needs in recent years and has become an all-inclusive platform for affiliate marketers who are looking for an all-in-one solution.

Bemob Tracker: Top 10 Features

Cookieless Tracking

With all the changes happening across the board in tracking campaigns, it seems like every year there’s something new that disrupts the affiliate tracking industry. Bemob enables more stability of your campaigns with cookieless tracking, that way, you’re not controlled by the latest guidelines and privacy concerns. 

Tracking With or Without Redirect

In some platforms, you’re not allowed to use tracking links, for example, Google and Facebook, you might have heard of them. Advertising with Google ads for example will not allow you to input the tracking links we know and love so well, so instead of doing that Bemob allows you to set up a tracking pixel that tracks your usual page links without any added parameters. 

Advanced Rules & Targeting

Automation is a must-have tool when you buy pop traffic or do any campaigns that are too fast to optimize for a human. Configuring automation rules allows you to, first, sleep better and, secondly, get more done.
For example, if you set up an automation rule, Certain landing pages are based on conversion rate; Bemob will direct traffic to the best-converting landing page when your conversion rate threshold is met.
Combined with certain spy tools like Skro, Anstrex, etc this compounds your marketing stack and enables you to be more effective. 

Friendly user-interface

One of the most important features that aren’t talked about enough. Since we’re spending most of our day jumping between interfaces, it’s preferred the dashboards we work with be smooth, functional, and easy to use. Bemob tracker’s tracking interface allows deep drill-downs on reports, quick access to creatives and support is just one click away on most screens. 

Multi-cost and Payout Tracking

Unless you’re a not-for-profit organization and are running utility offers, you know, for money, you may be interested in using Bemob tracker’s multi-cost features which allow you to monitor your ROAS and ROI on each campaign you run with configuring each link to your payment model (CPM,CPC,CPA). 

Easy to pay

Bemob tracker just added AliPay and WeChat as their latest payment methods. In addition to that, they accept credit card payments

Ghost ID

A better name than Cloaking, Ghost ID, allows you to mask your referred domains, traffic sources, and tracking parameters from the affiliate marketing networks you work with. Users will be able to see all the original parameters which were not communicated with the affiliate network. In the image below you can see which parameters are masked when setting up a new traffic source.


Bemob's Integrated traffic sources list

Bemob did the legwork and has integrated itself with many of the traffic sources that affiliate marketers use the most. 

Users can find ad networks that are best known for Pop, Push, and Native ad campaigns such as EZmob, PopAds, HilltopAds, and many more. 

bemob tracker

Mass Editing for Campaigns

Why work hard when you can work smart. Bemob allows you to mass-update many offers, campaigns and landing pages instead of editing one by one. For pro affiliate marketers working with multiple campaigns and affiliate networks, time is of the essence, mass editing is a feature you might not need at first, but the more you earn the more you would need automation and mass update tools. 

Shared Reports

Marketing is a team-oriented business, and when you work with certain traffic sources, you might want to involve them in certain aspects of your campaign. If you’re seeing discrepancies with the click amounts you receive from a certain traffic source then you might opt to share the click report, daily, with your traffic source in an effort to control discrepancies. 

Bemob tracker's Support

Bemob tracker’s support team is second to none. You can actually see the support button in every step of every flow you go through with Bemob. They also provide you with a detailed knowledge base, blog, and FAQs.

The bottom line

Bemob tracker is a refined, well-establish tracking utility. It hits all the major needs coming from affiliate marketing pros and delivers. It’s fairly priced and will allow a free account for newbie affiliate marketers.

Sign up today with the link below and get a 25% discount for your first month with Bemob.

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