So let’s start with the basics, what are popunder ads, why are they so effective in generating conversions, and why you should buy popunder traffic?

The answer may seem obvious, but there’s more than meets the eye, especially with an ad format that sneaks up on you and engages the user by surprise.

What are pop ads?

Pop ads are up ads that appear on top of the content that is being viewed, disrupting the user and thereby engaging the user to interact with the pop ad by either closing it or clicking on it and being redirected to the advertiser’s landing page.

What type of pop ads are there?

The pop-under ad is similar to the pop-up ad. While pop-up ads are often shown (and closed almost by instinct) immediately, pop-under ads wait behind the active browser window, only appearing only after other windows have been closed. A pop-up ad is an ad that “pops” in its user’s web browser window when they enter a new landing page. It disrupts the user’s journey by hiding the web page you were attempting to view, making it a must for the users to engage with if they want to proceed with the website’s content.

How do you buy popunder traffic?

Webmasters initially used pop ads to engage users within their websites when they spotted an intent to leave the page, alert users right when they login to the website about certain services the website offers, or offer the user a chance to stay in touch with a newsletter popup that asks the user to opt-in their mailing list.

Currently, pop ads are being used by marketers to engage users within the site. Once engagement occurs, users are redirected out of the source website and into the advertiser’s product pages.

What is the difference between banner ads and pop-under ads?

Banner ads are image-based ads integrated within a particular fixed position on the website. Pop ads are not-image based but URL-based; you don’t require an image to set up a pop campaign; the user sees the target page loaded with the content in full view leading the user to engage if the content is relevant for him or not.

Who created pop-up ads?

The inventor of the pop-up ads, Ethan Zuckerman, will probably not receive a nobel prize for his invention. He does get kudos from many affiliate marketers and ad networks.

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Are you considering which popunder traffic you should purchase today? Below are some excellent options for you to choose from:

  1. Desktop popunder traffic
    Did you know you can easily target mobile and desktop visitors on our network? Such popunder visitors could be targeted with contextual keywords and their geo-location. That makes them perfect for the majority of marketers and website owners.
  2. Mobile popunder traffic
    Targeting mobile visitors? EZMob could target any individual on our network browsing an app or website, which falls into your targeting options. Moreover, other than targeting the device type (mobile, tablet, desktop, or TV), advertisers may also target another technological aspect of the user’s device settings, like connection type, carrier, screen size, device brand, etc.
  3. Alexa popunder traffic
    Do you want to boost your score? Then this type of visitor is the perfect option for you. You can easily choose the rank you wish to accomplish, and we’ll target every visitor on our network with the Alexa app or toolbar installed.
  4. Adult popunder traffic
    Adult popunder traffic is ideal for those advertisers running their adult video websites, live channels, forums, stores, video sites, and private membership clubs. These visitors are perfect for you if you wish to target real individuals who are browsing adult-related sites. Every visitor could be targeted through location and niche.
  5. Social traffic
    You can easily access visitors from numerous big social media platforms through their self-serve advertising platforms. EZMob has access to big social influencers, subreddits, groups, pages, and accounts that will market your site to your followers.
  6. Website injection traffic
    pending on the source of traffic, and mainly the vertical of said source, injection ads via popunders and pop ads can benefit e-commerce businesses to a great deal. Injection traffic, coming from adult websites, also works amazingly well for dating offers.



Keep in mind that popunder traffic is the same as pop-up ad traffic. The only difference is that the ad window with your landing page will be hidden over the significant web browser window instead of appearing in front.

Popup marketing is typical; most users have learned to disregard such ads and close the page without reading them. That’s because they are generally unrelated, annoying, and intrusive to what they see already.

Visitors respond better to pop-under marketing than advertisements, as the ads don’t obstruct the ability of the users to continue reading the site they’re on. They will see the preferred ad in their own time and be more inclined to read the ad once finished with that specific piece of content. They can then decide based on the content instead of closing it like a popup.

Each traffic is produced by showing your site as a full-page popunder network.

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