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Buy Popunder Traffic with EZmob

Are you one of those individuals who wish to know how to increase visitors and scale your business? In this post, we will show you all of that in four simple steps! Learn how to buy popunder traffic through a self-serve advertising platform to promote any site or app.

At EZMob, we produce visitors by paying our publishers a fee for showing your site to their visitors. Our publisher’s network is composed of millions of high volume mobile applications and websites. Allow our platform to allow you to target those visitors by utilizing contextual keywords and location data.

Buy Popunder Traffic Today!

Are you considering which popunder traffic you should purchase today? Below are some excellent options for you to choose from:

  1. Mobile and desktop popunder traffic

Did you know you can easily target both mobile and desktop visitors on our network? Such popunder visitors could be targeting with contextual keywords as well as their geo-location. That makes them perfect for the majority of marketers and website owners.

  1. Mobile popunder traffic

Are you seeking for target mobile visitors? EZMob could target any individual on our network who is browsing an app or website, which falls into your targeting options.

  1. Alexa popunder traffic

Do you want to boost your Alexa.com score? Then this type of visitor is the perfect option for you. You can easily choose the rank you’d wish to accomplish, and we’ll target every visitor on our network who have the Alexa app or toolbar installed.

  1. Adult popunder traffic

Adult popunder visitors are ideal for those advertisers running their adult video websites, live channels, forums, stores, video sites as well as private membership clubs. These visitors are perfect for you if you wish to target real individuals who are browsing adult related sites. Every visitor could be targeted through location and niche.

  1. Social traffic

You can easily access visitors from numerous big social media platforms through their platform. EZMob have access to big social influencers, subreddits, groups, pages, and accounts that will market your site to your followers.

More about Popunder Traffic

Keep in mind that popunder traffic is the same to popups. The only difference is that the ad window that has your landing page will show hidden over the significant web browser window instead of appearing in front.

Popup marketing is typical, and the majority of users have learned to disregard such ads and close the page without reading them. That’s because they are generally unrelated, annoying, and intrusive to what they see already.

Visitors respond better to pop under marketing as the advertisements as the ads don’t obstruct the ability of the users to continue reading the site they’re on. They will see the preferred ad in their own time and be more inclined to read the ad once finished with that specific piece of content. They can then decide based on the content instead of closing it like a popup.

Each of traffic is produced by showing your site as a full-page popunder network.

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EZMob is your best partner for generating traffic with push notification advertising.

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