Maybe you are not aware of what a white label DSP is, and its counterpart which is a self-serve DSP. Also, you might interchange the two terms as you could think of them as just similar in nature. You could even refer the both of them as twins, though. Apparently, it could be associated with twins. Not because they both look alike but it is due to the fact that both have a tiny gap with respect to their personalities. Just like a white label DSP and a regular self-serve tool, both are involved with a variety of toppings.

Both white label DSP and self-serve DSP are effective with the use of technology. Well, both are anchored on the same type. Both exceptionally define their users’ entire role in society. Both platforms are also suitable for a diverse category of advertisers.

They also have distinct flaws and virtues to cater to as well. But then, what is way better between these two platforms is the white label DSP.

This is because of the fact that a white-label DSP makes sure that you get to be provided with an overall stronger stand with respect to the global ad marketplace, as its user or client. However, its somewhat disadvantage could perhaps be the fact that it is costly as compared to other ad serving platforms, such as Adkernel, especially with regard to those infant industries in the field of advertisement.

Now, let us define what a white label DSP is, and a self-serve DSP. Let us first start with the definition of the simpler platform which is the Self Serve DSP. A self-serve DSP is a typical illustration of what programmatic experts usually refer to as a DSP. This is a platform specially used for automatic media purchasing which is then anchored on a real-time bidding public sale or programmatic advertising auction. In this public sale or what most people refer to as an auction, all advertisers get to bid for the notion at a time, and obviously, the user with the highest bid always wins.

Indeed, signing up to this platform is way easier and more convenient for all its users especially if you happen to start trading ads programmatically. What you only ought to do and be in need of is to create a deposit of your own, upload the creative you have made, adjust the options and settings, and finally set off your campaign already.

On the contrary, a white-label DSP could be simple as well. However, it is way complicated in the sense that, unlike those platforms which only entail a simple performance, this engages you with a platform that does not have a straightforward outlook. The term white label here means that you get to purchase in actuality, not just simply sign up, a blank yet ready-to-be-used platform that then lets you paint it off the way you desire to.

Although you will experience some difficulty in performing, you could have the freedom to freely choose what you want it to become not just in a figurative manner but also literally.

Now, this section of the article gives you and provides you then with the five reasons why you should opt for a white label DSP than contemplating a self-serve DSP. Below are the five reasons cited for your convenience and also for easier access for you.

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You might say that a self-serve DSP does not require you to have a service fee. However, with respect to its marked-up price, it matters especially if it could cost you too much. On the other hand, if you are to have a white label DSP, it only charges you with its technology fee and nothing else more. Thus, such a platform is a great help for you to lessen your monthly expenditures.


If you happen to have a self-serve DSP, you only have a few things to take into consideration when it comes to controlling your traffic sources. In contrast to this, having a lack of control could have its own convenience as well. Now, for you to avoid such a joke as what you might associate it with, you could opt to have a single demand-side platform that then manages all other campaigns in only one dashboard. This is then possible if you go for a white-label DSP platform for it is the only platform that is ideally effective for the said matter.


You might not be aware of it but a third-party tool that you could apparently use as your company’s client is a self serve DPS. In this case, you could eventually go and apply for an account of your own, go get an advertiser’s way into the said platform, and begin trading ads. In simplest terms, if you have a self serve DPS as your platform, you could only be served as a visitor and not be able to customize anything though. Now, if you like your brand to get personalized, a white label DSP is what you are looking for.


Both platforms – self-serve and white label DSP – grant you a hundred percent of its data transparency. However, a self-serve DSP is still insufficient for bringing all the necessary information to your dashboard. Only a white-label DSP could give you full access to all data necessary and required of your business when working with pop ads.


It is a standard of a self serve DSP to only allow the creation of only a single account for every agency or advertiser. On the other hand, a white-label DSP enables you to create multiple accounts that could then be offered to other advertisers thus being able to have a trade of advertisements.

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