Why you need to use SpyOver and spy tools in general?

Instead of searching and then testing hundreds of offers to find one that sticks, wouldn’t you like to know what your competitors are running? which ad networks they are using to run those ads? Sounds like a well-kept secret? not really, with the advent of spy tools that’s no longer such a secret SpyOver’s spy tool. 

Read all about SpyOver, a spy tool designed to spy on native and push ads advertisers, in this detailed review of their product.  Keep reading for an exclusive discount for EZmob’s readers at the bottom of this article. 

SpyOver product overview

SpyOver is integrated with the world’s best ad networks and PropellerAds, providing you with the largest insight database about native advertising available today. There are over 15 traffic sources from over 120 countries around the globe. The main search features include:

    1. Keywords
    2. Brand
    3. Online Market
    4. Landing Pages
    5. External Links
    6. Redirect chain
    7. Language
    8. Device
    9. Operating System
    10. Browser
    11. Tracker
    12. Partner network
    13. Date of impression

With all these filters you will be able to drill down into similar campaigns to the ones you’re running, find new opportunities, or just find inspiration on what your native campaign is missing. 

Users may also search or filter by landing pages which helps a great deal with finding a good converting landing page for your campaign. 

Which ad networks are integrated with SpyOver?

SpyOver’s impressive list of partners will find the best ad networks dealing with native advertisers available today. The sheer number of results you’ll get from Taboola and Outbrain along is staggering.

If you’re active with other premium networks like Yahoo Gemini or RevContent you can use SpyOver to improve your campaign with added insights.

As you can tell from the list to the right, SpyOver has a strong focus on Native ads and with that focus on the native ad format, they prove that for native ads, they might gather more data than their competitors Anstrex Adplexity, etc. 

If you’re hunting for offers you might not want to restrict your searches by ad network, but instead by affiliate programs, you’re actually registered with for faster time to traffic. 

spyover integrated partners

What features are included with SpyOver subscription?

Ad dashboard

Once you zoned in on an ad you fancy, click on it and a new page will load offering a mini-BI with data about the offer. There’s a lot SpyOver has over a single ad. scary really… anyway.. For ads that have been live for a few weeks the data does become richer than fresh offers, 

The ad overview dashboard provides breakdowns for traffic sources, devices, trends, and more, this data is valuable for your next campaign’s targeting configuration which may prove to be useful increasing your campaign ROI instead of being spent idly on exploration. 

Ad results filters

We’ve already mentioned SpyOver spy tool holds a lot of data about native ad campaigns, to be able to make sense of all the thousands of ads it holds you may use one or more of many different filters that are built just for that. 

  1. Timeframe
  2. Days alive
  3. Networks
  4. Country
  5. Device Type/Browser
  6. Affiliate Networks
  7. Tracking tool

You may also sort by 

spyover filters ads

SpyOver spy tool lets you just grab landing pages

This is one of SpyOver’s most interesting features, see a landing page you like? just download it. 

When you drill down and find an ad you like, press that ad and choose download, SpyOver will direct you to their downloader and in about a minute will allow you to download the complete images, text, and code of the landing page so you can just drag and drop that into your FTP utility and get your site live within 10 minutes. 20 minutes? Just take your time. 

The same goes for creatives, just click the download zip below the ad preview image and you’ll get the image and text. As well as a strong feeling to not throw banana peels? Why? Keep reading!

spyover download creative

SpyOver's landing page tool

Similar to the ads tool, this landing page tool provides you with insights about landing pages being used across the different self-serve advertising platforms. The filters for it are the same as for ads, the main difference is in the filters which provide you to contextually search for metadata, URL fragments, and outgoing links). The metadata includes the page’s title and any text on the page which is very useful to get relevant results for your type of activity. 

spyover meta data search casino

SpyOver push advertising interface

The sleek new interface for push advertising is as easy to use as the other tools offered by SpyOver, the main difference is in the advertising networks integrated (push ad networks vs native ad networks).

Which push ad networks are integrated with SpyOver?

A recent but most useful addition to SpyOver is their service for push advertising campaigns. As for the native tools, the push advertising interface is integrated into several push ad networks including

    1. Mgid
    2. Push.house,
    3. Dao.AD
    4. RichPush
    5. PusHub

SpyOver product pricing

SpyOver basic account is $149 or $299 for corporate which allows access for more users. The professional account allows the 2nd session so you can involve your teammates while you work and all the data and features SpyOver have to offer. 

SpyOver Spy tool: The bottom line

SpyOver is fairly priced, full of useful data, easy to use, and relevant for most media buyers and affiliate marketers. We definitely recommend using it. We’re staying tuned for its redirect tools which will help us all to buy popunder traffic

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