How to gain from Push Traffic?

It was in 2018 that push traffic became popular when marketers began to use it as a brand new advertising channel to launch their campaigns and obtain cheap leads. There are many advantages to push traffic along with disadvantages. Thus, we will discuss whether you should try out this channel in mobile marketing

What is push traffic?

Push traffic is enjoyed when push notification ads are leveraged. They are essentially personalized messages that are conventionally sent to the browsers of the users on mobile and desktop. On EZmob, the majority of push traffic is recorded from mobile devices (90%). With this ad format, traffic is driven from iOS and Android devices.

For receiving push ads, users opt-in when they visit specific websites. Following that, they keep receiving your notifications in the browser if they don’t choose to unsubscribe. When an ad is clicked upon by the user, they land upon the advertiser’s page, which may be the landing page or their store.

What is push traffic?

A push ad notification is a method of native advertising delivered directly to a user’s device which could be a mobile device or computer. The push ad notification thus pops up on the user’s screen. Users must opt-in first prior to receiving a push notification ad. 

Are push ads profitable? 

Yes! Push ads are now with us for several years but are still a hot digital ad format. It is highly engaging and more profitable than any other type of ad format including popunders, native ads, and banners.

Do Push ads convert? 

Yes! Push notification ads work on a CPC model which allows you to bid and win for clicks that actually reach your website which leads to high conversion rates. Push ads might be the best conversion tool out of all the other ad formats.

How to make money with push notification ads?

  1. Buy push traffic from push networks and get profit from successful launches.
  2. Directly monetize your website with push notifications.
  3. Collect and transfer subscribers to an advertising network.

Push ads

A push ad includes a title, description of the ad, icon, and main image. The main image is seen by the user on the desktop, and thus, it is not important for mobile advertising. Typically, push notification ads resemble the general push notifications sent from mobile apps. Thus, this is an edge they hold over other ad formats since experienced audiences overlook them by using banner blindness, ad blockers, and email filters.

When it comes to push advertising, there are 3 most popular types:

  1. Web push notifications
  2. In-page push
  3. iOS Calendar push ads

Advantages of the push traffic: how you can optimize it

Reliable customized display and high CTR

Initially, we explored the similarity of the ad with the general push notification from apps. With this, you can enjoy the trust of the user and their attention. Moreover, it is possible to customize your ad using relatable names, locations, holidays, or events.

This advantage can be leveraged by avoiding these common mistakes:

  • Copying creatives

Push notification advertising continues to enjoy a lot of buzzes, and thus, the competition rises. You can stand out from others with the creation of your own creatives. Never copy them from spy tools without making edits.

  • Extremely high-frequency cap

Ideally, you should set 1 impression per user per day. If you go with the higher frequency at the beginning itself, your CTR fall may fall, and you may be out of the bidding.

  • Stick to 1 creative only

When it comes to other advertising, it is mandatory to engage in a/b testing. Remember to upload a minimum of 3-5 creative for push ads.

 Placement with maximum visibility

Usually, push ad network is seen above other tabs. On mobile devices, they look like personal alerts resembling messages from Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

For the advertiser, the objective must be to create a catchy title that can be on the verge of aggressive. Users always see this element first so let your creative juices flow!


When compared to Facebook advertising and other ad channels, it is safe to state that push notification ads are inexpensive. However, there is no compromising on quality. Though there is an absence of targeting by interest, this can help convert at a low CPA to popular verticals. Moreover, since it is the CPC model that is used to buy push traffic, you won’t be paying unnecessarily. For instance, in America, the minimum CPC is $0.159.

With this, push advertising becomes a smart option for direct advertisers, as well as affiliate marketers, for the scaling up of ad campaigns.

Every niche is permitted

It is clear that users subscribing to push notifications might exhibit diverse interests and backgrounds. Thus, push ads are believed to work very well with the general verticals. The most popular spheres include:

  1. VPN, Antivirus
  2. E-commerce
  3. Games
  4. Nutra
  5. Subscriptions
  6. Mobile
  7. Betting
  8. Gambling
  9. Dating
  10. Finance
  11. Sweepstakes
  12. Binary options

For streamlining your reach, it is a good idea to optionally determine your campaign’s targeting options, for instance, in order to target particular devices, OS, or mobile carriers.

Absence bots

Today’s ad networks enforce third-party services for the verification of push traffic. Fraud or low-quality leads are blocked to avoid deceitful websites. Hence, you only enjoy traffic from the real users who opt in for notifications on their own.

How can ROI be increased from push traffic?

For driving traffic, the simplest way involves joining an ad network, such as EZmob. There are several available today, but you must be cautious about the traffic in terms of quality and volume.

If you are just beginning, get in touch with the account manager of the network if you wish to learn what operates well in their ad platform. For your offer, you can even seek a whitelist. You can ask for help with your campaign setup and creatives. Testing is important too. Once you launch ads and notice that a few sources work well, it is possible to optimize for greater profits. Make use of automated rules and micro bidding to blacklist, or you can alter bids for campaigns and target options that are non-performing.

Following that, it is time to scale up your advertising campaigns with these strategies:

  1. Raise your budget;
  2. Associate with novel subscriber lists (groups of sources);
  3. Raise your bid for sources that are best-performing;
  4. Create and launch one more ad format, like popunder.

In case you have used push ads before, it is a good idea to extend beyond merely driving traffic to establish your own assets. A common practice involves obtaining your own email list using other advertising channels for retargeting them.

Thus, typically, push traffic comes with many advantages and permits advertisers to connect with a wider mobile audience for low costs and high ROI.

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