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Are you looking for a practical way to get extra money? Why don’t you consider adult popunder traffic? This post will teach you how to get $1,000 monthly.

What is Popunder?

Popunder is a widely used format among advertisers these days. You see, it’s like a superior quality car built and can last for many years. Throughout the years, it’s been valued for its high efficiency and versatility. That’s the main reason to buy popunder traffic.

The good thing about popunder is that it’s a straightforward and essential way to start your affiliate marketing success. Just create an attractive landing page, and you’re good to go.

Here at EZMob, we have many clients who’ve had a success story using our service. EZMob is a display and mobile advertising network offering monetization for website owners and SPS. It also allows app developers, advertisers, and agencies to access over one billion users. Notable.

One of our clients shared his success story. He proved that it is possible to make money through affiliate marketing offers, mainly through adult popunder traffic.

Our adult popunder traffic’s success story:

A few months ago, our client started launching his affiliate offers. He used not to trust all such cases where an affiliate gained thousands of dollars until he tried it. Shockingly, it brings him good passive income.

In this case, he earned $1,000. His initial net income is $600, allowing him to double his investments in two weeks. The campaign is still running.

As a traffic source, he has been using pop ads in EZMob. He decided to utilize EZMob for the following reasons:

Popunder ads are one of the simplest means to begin an advertising campaign with a low CPM and a generous amount of traffic. 

First, he launched his campaign and targeted every device. After spending $15, he noticed that the conversion percentages from mobile devices were two times higher than desktop. Hence, he then targeted mobile devices only.

He was surprised that he gained traffic at a minimum rate. He assumed he would need to overbid his competitors. Lucky for him, the competition at the geo he picked was not that great.

As a result, he spent $400.95 and gained $1,000. That was a stunning result for a start.

Bottom Line

At EZMob, we have found the use of pop-up ads, specifically adult pop-under traffic, to be an effective and efficient digital marketing strategy for our clients in the dating niche. With a wide range of dating affiliate programs available for various geographic locations, genders, and devices, this niche is suitable for experienced and novice marketers.

Additionally, the pay-per-lead payout model allows for a cost-effective approach to launching an ad campaign. One of the key benefits of utilizing adult pop-under traffic is the lack of creative requirements, making it a simple option for ad campaigns.

EZMob has significant traffic in various countries, including the USA, UK, and Asia. We hope this case study encourages others to consider utilizing pop-up ads, particularly adult pop-under traffic, in their digital marketing efforts.

For more information, please refer to our comprehensive guide on “How to launch a popunder campaign?”

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