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Popunder Ads: The Conversion Guide

Are you getting exhausted from testing new offers without any conversion? Good news! Our advertising team at EZMob has prepared a list of hot tips that can help you convert Popunder traffic as easy as 1-2-3!

But before we dive into the tips, let’s understand what a Pounder Ad is.

What is a Popunder Ad by the way?

What are Popunders and how to create one? In case you didn’t know, a Popunder Ad is a kind of regular window appearing in the browser under the main active window. To make it simple, it is often opposed to Pop-up ads. A Pop-up ad opens over the browser window in contrary to Popunder Ad.

How Does It Work?

Popunder is utilized not only for driving traffic. It is also utilized for obtaining contact details such as email addresses. You see, Popunder works on various platforms such as mobile, tablet, or desktop. Hence, that makes them famous as they enable them to reach the audience no matter where they are. For instance, let’s say a user clicks on the Popunder Ad. They would then be either directed to a pre-lander first or forwarded straight to the page of the advertiser.

You will find two of the most sought-after pricing plans for Popunder traffic:

  • CPA
  • CPM

Still, there are other models such as CPL (Cost per Lead), and CPI (Cost per Install) that are accessible with this kind of traffic. Popunders are a famous ad format among both beginners and professional affiliates who opt for this kind of traffic to market specific types. Some of the top-performing verticles are gambling, pin submits, coupons, and dating.

Top Tips When Working With Popunder Network Traffic

Do you like to know some tips and tricks while working with Popunder ad traffic? There’s no need to worry. We’ve collected some of the tips you can utilize today.

  1. Test various landers from the beginning. You might be amazed at how significant an effect a lander might have when working with Popunder. Why don’t you consider utilizing a spy tool to determine the trends?
  2. Collaborate with a tracker. There’s no need for you to cut anything such as timeframes, geo, or lander without drilling into data.
  3. Take advantage of caps. One of the rules of Popunder is that you must not annoy the user with the same pop-ups repeatedly throughout the day. Instead, you must be able to create a unique visitor cap and show other ads to each unique user. Make sure that you also set the maximum of unique visits depending on your audience size.
  4. Split-test direct to the offeror lander redirect advertising
  5. Divide ad campaigns with GEO. Did you know that each geography has a specific best time that offers the “best” conversions? Hence, you should pay enough attention to that variable while you are scheduling an ad campaign.

To sum up, the Popunder network is an excellent concept for both beginners and professional affiliates. However, not everyone can adequately deal with it. Hence, proper testing, cutting, and optimizing of the Popunder ad campaigns is of utmost importance to convert relevant traffic.

What are your thoughts about the tips we discussed above? Feel free to share your experience with EZMob today!

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