Keitaro is a multifunctional tracker for CPA and Digital Marketing. Today, it is like a “Swiss knife,” an indispensable tool for thousands of affiliate marketers, webmasters, advertisers, and other professionals in digital marketing.

A massive set of features: you can collect all necessary data with incoming parameters and user conversions and work without redirects, build custom reports, send data to the 3rd services, and many other valuable features.

What are the benefits for Keitaro’s users?


  • Connecting to your external site.
  • Collecting statistics of all clicks, incoming parameters, and custom conversions.
  • Sending data to third-party services. Integrated with more than 120 Traffic Sources.
  • Connecting pixels and multi-offer landing pages.
  • Analytics of efficiency and finances.


  • Teamwork with customizable access levels.
  • A/B split flows, more than 30 built-in filters for traffic processing, and the ability to integrate a custom script.
  • Conversion capping and ready-made templates for Affiliate networks.
  • Local landing pages and work without redirects.
  • Integration with popular bot protection services.
  • Click API/Admin API to manage the tracker via server requests.

How to install the tracker?

Keitaro is a self-hosted tracker which does not have a cloud version. To work with the tracker, you will need to install it on your server.

Such a solution allows you to get additional benefits in the form of the following:

  1. Full control over server management and tracker operation
  2. Maximum protection and privacy of your data

Installation is performed by entering a single command in the server terminal.

code: curl | bash -s — install

Also, you can install Keitaro in just a few clicks. By purchasing servers from Keitaro partners, you will have the opportunity to use 1-click installation, so all you have to do is select Keitaro as pre-installed software, and all the necessary installation will be done during server preparation.

More details about installation can be found in the official Keitaro documentation.

Is it possible to start work for free?

Yes, the product offers a free trial for 7 days. You must register and get your trial key in your cabinet on the website.

The bottom line

The Keitaro tracker is a robust container for digital marketing, covering most user cases, even for the most demanding customers. Competitive pricing and a free trial allow you to test your bundles immediately. And responsive online helpdesk will always promptly help you with any questions. We recommend this product.

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