What is Traffic Company?

Traffic Company is the affiliate network to join to maximize your profits and take your affiliate marketing to the next level. With its impressive selection of top-converting offers, expert support, and exclusive deals, Traffic Company is a trusted partner for publishers and advertisers.

Their advanced tracking system ensures you can easily monitor your performance, and timely payments mean you’ll never have to wait to get paid. If you’re serious about success in affiliate marketing, sign up with Traffic Company today.

Traffic Company is here to revolutionize the way you monetize your online business. I recently had the opportunity to test this platform, and I must say, my experience was nothing short of phenomenal. In this review, I’ll walk you through the key features of Traffic Company, and how it can help you maximize your earnings like never before.


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One-Stop Solution for Affiliates

Traffic Company is a versatile platform catering to the needs of both affiliates and advertisers. You can access exclusive high-converting offers, real-time stats, and guaranteed on-time payments as an affiliate. 

Traffic Company boasts a robust selection of in-house campaigns and exclusive direct offers across various verticals. These include mainstream and adult video content, gaming, utility applications, sweepstakes (IVR/Click2Call), and dating services.

They have recently expanded their offerings by incorporating PIN API into their diverse portfolio.

Getting Started

Getting started as an affiliate with Traffic Company is a breeze, thanks to their user-friendly onboarding process.

To begin, simply provide your billing details, which enables them to pay you through various methods, such as PayPal, Paxum, or international bank transfer.

Next, you can set up a postback URL for tracking your conversions via postback or server-to-server tracking. After that, generate a unique smart link to direct your traffic to, ensuring your visitors always land on the best available offer.

Finally, monitor your campaign’s performance using Traffic Company’s comprehensive reporting system, allowing you to easily review and analyze your results.

Traffic Company: Main features

Easy to track with Traffic Company​

Additionally, Traffic Company’s seamless integration with leading tracking platforms like Voluum, CPV Lab Pro, and PeerClick ensures that affiliates have a smooth experience managing their campaigns.

This compatibility allows users to effortlessly combine data from Traffic Company with their other traffic sources and affiliate networks in a single, unified dashboard.

As a result, affiliates can make more informed decisions and optimize their campaigns more effectively, ultimately leading to higher returns on investment and tremendous success in the competitive affiliate marketing world.

Click2Call Campaigns

Traffic Company’s Click-to-Call campaigns, utilizing their in-house Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology, offer a range of advantages for affiliates. These campaigns have demonstrated impressive conversion rates of up to 16% for quality sources during the soft launch.

Available in over 100 countries, Click-to-Call offers are compatible with all mobile carriers and WiFi, allowing for widespread promotion. With versatile sweepstakes and live chat angles, these campaigns offer a broad spectrum of promotional opportunities.

One major advantage of Click-to-Call campaigns is their resistance to bot traffic. Since real users are required to initiate the call for conversions to occur, bot traffic becomes irrelevant, ensuring a higher ROI.

Affiliates can also easily automate and scale campaigns using Traffic Company’s API connection. By monitoring eCPM and performance 24/7, affiliates can optimize their campaigns more effectively. Another key advantage is the absence of caps or restrictions, allowing affiliates to experiment with different pre landers, angles, and traffic sources to find the perfect mix for maximum success.

Traffic Company's Opportunities

The Opportunities page is an invaluable resource for affiliates seeking to identify the most profitable countries for launching their campaigns, catering to both adult and mainstream traffic segments.

This feature allows you to stay ahead of the competition and capitalize on emerging trends in various markets. To ensure that you’re always up to date with the latest lucrative opportunities, you can also subscribe to a weekly “Biggest Opportunities” newsletter.

This newsletter delivers the freshest and most promising opportunities directly to your inbox, enabling you to take advantage of them promptly and maximize your earnings in the ever-evolving world of affiliate marketing.

Traffic Company's Smart Links

The Smart Link lies at the core of Traffic Company’s functionality, serving as the driving force behind its powerful optimization capabilities. Creating a Smart Link is a simple, user-friendly process that can be completed in just a few clicks, streamlining your workflow and maximizing efficiency.

When you direct traffic to your Smart Link, Traffic Company’s advanced algorithms analyze each visitor’s demographics, preferences, and behavior, ensuring that they are redirected to the highest-converting offer available.

This intelligent routing system saves you time and effort and enhances your campaigns’ overall performance.

The Smart Link is a powerful tool that takes the guesswork out of campaign optimization. By leveraging Traffic Company’s sophisticated technology, you can ensure your traffic is always directed to the most lucrative offers, ultimately boosting your conversion rates and overall earnings.

Traffic Company's OfferWall

The Offer Wall is a highly anticipated and sought-after feature that Traffic Company has introduced to cater to the diverse needs of its users. This powerful tool is designed for affiliates who prefer to have more control over their promotions, enabling them to select and optimize offers that align with their specific interests and strategies.

With the Offer Wall, you can browse an extensive range of offers and handpick the ones that resonate most with your target audience. Once you’ve identified a suitable offer, creating a custom promotion URL is a breeze. The generated link will consistently direct your traffic to the selected offer, ensuring your campaigns remain focused and targeted.

By providing greater flexibility and customization options, the Offer Wall empowers you to fine-tune your promotional efforts according to your unique preferences and goals.

This, in turn, can lead to higher conversion rates, improved performance, and, ultimately, increased earnings for your affiliate marketing endeavors.

What payment methods does Traffic Company work with?

If you’re looking for an affiliate network that offers flexible payment options, Traffic Company is a great choice. They provide multiple payment methods, including Wire transfer, PayPal, and Paxum, ensuring their partners can choose their preferred payment option. Wire transfer is an excellent option for those who prefer direct bank transfers, while PayPal is a widely used online payment platform. Paxum, on the other hand, is a leading payment service provider that offers fast, secure, and cost-effective payment solutions. Traffic Company ensures that payments are processed quickly and efficiently, so their partners can focus on growing their business. Whether you prefer Wire transfer, PayPal, or Paxum, Traffic Company covers you.


What is Traffic Company's minimum withdrawal amount?

You need to reach a minimum payment threshold of $300 USD or €250 EUR (depending on the currency) to receive your payment.

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The bottom line

In conclusion, Traffic Company is an exceptional choice for affiliates seeking a reliable and feature-rich platform to grow their online marketing efforts.

With its cutting-edge technology, diverse range of offers, and robust optimization tools, Traffic Company empowers affiliates to achieve remarkable success in the competitive world of digital marketing.

The intuitive dashboard, Smart Link system, and comprehensive reporting capabilities make campaign management a seamless and efficient experience, enabling you to focus on what truly matters: maximizing your conversions and profits.

Whether you’re a seasoned affiliate or just starting, we wholeheartedly recommend Traffic Company as the go-to platform to accelerate your affiliate marketing journey and take your campaigns to new heights.

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