What is the Anstrex spy tool and what Spy tools are?

Anstrex spy tool is a comprehensive ad intelligence platform that is used as a spy tool among digital marketers. Anstrex has millions of ad creatives in their database from over 90 countries and 100+ ad networks. This allows any of their users to get a glimpse of what other affiliate marketers or media buyers are running and what’s currently the popular offer running across many networks. There are many things you can pick up from Anstrex that will overall improve the way you look at online marketing as a whole or give you some inspiration on what you should be doing.

In this article, we’ll review Anstrex and try to give our first impressions of the advantages if holds.

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Why should media buyers spy with Anstrex spy tool?

Or why use online spy tools at all for that matter. The answer is simple, spying on your competition helps your business, it is done at any level of business and you’re probably being spied on as well. So instead of beating them, join them! That might not have been the answer or approach you are looking for, but honestly, to be able to generate ROI for your affiliate campaigns you need all the advantages and tricks you can get, and using spy tools, specifically Anstrex will deliver insights you never knew you could have. 

For online businesses or retail ones, good marketing is the main way to grow your business and get the results you need. To be able to do the best kind of marketing you must understand what your competitors are planning or what their strategy is. To do that you must have the best technological advantage.

Who is using Anstrex?

    1. Performance Marketers: performance marketers use Anstrex to uncover strategies on native ad campaigns and find out which offers are currently live. 
    2. Direct Sales Manager: sales managers can uncover methods to boost their acquisition approach and gather new sales leads.
    3. Brands: With Anstrex brands can uncover how their publishers or affiliates promote their products.
    4. Content Creators: content creators use anstrex to get inspired of new ideas and strategies. 

Anstrex Spy Tool: Why should you use it?

Don't lag behind the competition

Affiliate marketing is all about knowing which offer is hot and when to promote it. By using Anstrex you’re basically uncovering the secrets of other marketers and allowing yourself to be inspired by actual performance metrics. By using Anstrex, you can adapt or completely change your strategies and follow the winners.

Friendly user-interface

Anstrex user interface is very intuitive and easy to use even if you’re not a veteran affiliate marketer. It allows you to start from day one and we guarantee you would get some amazing insights from your first visit. we did. 

Save time and money

Once you do find out what’s working for your competitors, you’re likely to spend precious ad budget on things that might not prove to be effective with your own advertising. Instead of doing your own creative research, just look at the results and insights offered by the Anstrex spy tool and gather the insights you need for your marketing campaigns or affiliate offers. 

Fully integrated

Anstrex is integrated with over 100 different ad networks, meaning they have very rich data on creatives and campaign performance. They’re already connected with networks you might choose to run with and that gives you information on what’s currently active on the platform, what sort of creatives the network will allow, and the direction you should take with that specific ad network. 

Anstrex is also fully integrated with tracking solutions and affiliate networks.

anstrex spy tool

Anstrex community

Gain access to Anstrex community boards where you can share your insights or find new amazing tips about how to use Anstrex wisely to generate more ROI for your campaigns with better ad insights. 

Find better offers

By paying attention to the affiliate wall you get inspired by top affiliates and the offers they choose to run. You can drill down to all the campaign master affiliates running right on their dashboard.

Anstrex product support

The team at Anstrex is very attentive and provides endless insights about how to use the Anstrex spy tool providing you easy contact options, a helpdesk, and knowledge base, and chat on site. 

Anstrex product pricing

Anstrex will revolutionize the way you get insights and it comes with a cost. Their solo plan goes for $90/month per user which wil give you insights from all the pop networks their connected with, the other packages will simply allow you to access more of their products such as the push networks spy tools and the native tools as well if you go for the ultimate pricing. 

Affiliate marketers are usually not very loyal to the ad format, so being open to all types of ad formats and receiving insights from all the Anstrex has to offer which is Push, Pop and Native ad networks is a definite advantage. 

How can you segment or filter Anstrex insights?

With so many insights you must be able to focus on what you’re interested in, Anstrex solves that by providing you with a healthy set of filters you can use to minimize the results you get and zone in on what’s important for you, here are some of the filters they offer:

    1. Ad Networks: choose to see results from specific ad networks that are integrated with the Anstrex spy tool.
    2. Countries: different countries usually yield different creatives, if you know you’re targeting the UK it would help to see relevant creatives for that region. 
    3. Devices: device targeting is one of the important factors for any campaign. Zone in on the devices you’re targeting to check what your competitors are doing in terms of creatives.
    4. Language: same like the country filter but allows you to get insights on effective ad text copies that are used in creatives. 
    5. Category: Filter down to see how is communication being done in a certain niche of products.
    6. Carrier: If you have relevant traffic but looking for the best offer for your carrier’s inventory, you can now find it easily with Anstrex.
    7. Type: Mainly used in Anstrex’s push product, you can filter down to specific types of push advertising (traditional, calendar push ads, and floating push ads)
    8. Affiliate Network: Check out which offers from different affiliate networks are popular with affiliates.
    9. Ad Gravity and Strength: shows you how much a single creative has ‘been around’ in the Anstrex platform. 

Anstrex Spy tool: The bottom line

Being a professional affiliate marketer requires you to tap into the best technology has to offer.

The Push Notifications and Pop spy tool are a must-have for any business that uses said ad formats. 

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