What's Adplexity? is the leading ad spy tool that is loaded with features most advertisers usually don’t know they can have access to. It enables advertisers to learn and get inspired by what the major brands are doing in terms of creatives, payouts, and targeting.

AdPlexity keeps growing and offering more products and support for new marketing verticals such as Desktop, Mobile, Native, Push, eCommerce, and Carriers, making it a must for affiliate marketers who deal with pin submit, converting sweepstakes offers, forex and casino push offers and much more to get even more inspired.

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Why should affiliate marketers spy with AdPlexity? ​

AdPlexity lets you see campaigns from over 100 countries in different verticals and ad formats.

Skip over months of hovering over forum posts to gain bits of insights when you can see the final product the major advertisers use when they launch pop campaigns

AdPlexity also allows you to filter thousands of different ads by longevity, traffic source, affiliate network, operating system, country, and much more. 

Their tool also streamlines the creative process by providing the landing pages your browser (!) for download straight to your laptop or PC, simply host that HTML file and images on your hosting service and you’re ready for business.

There are a lot more cool features AdPlexity, keep reading.

AdPlexity: Top 10 Features

Not just native. AdPlexity does it all.

Marketing agencies and media buyers don’t are not really sympathetic to ad format they work with. If something works well advertisers usually try to replicate it in any way they can, as long as the offer is active and the advertiser is happy we’re looking to scale. 
That’s why AdPlexity covers all platforms, operating systems, and, mainly, ad formats. AdPlexity’s suite of products covers all major advertising formats such as native ads, banners, push notification ads, and pop ads

AdPlexity Mobile Insights

AdPlexity’s mobile product is a revolutionary utility that unveils a lot of what happens with mobile advertising through mobile popup ads and push notification ads as well. 
Due to AdPlexity’s support of a wide range of network carriers and the data, it holds such as country, advertising network, affiliate network, the longevity of campaign, and more, users of AdPlexity are able to get a quick glance into what top advertisers are bidding with.

AdPlexity's mobile popup insights

AdPlexity’s spy tool is plugged in with most major networks and enables advertisers access to hundreds of thousands of creatives coming from ad networks from Google to PropellerAds.

See a landing page you like? download it

One of the coolest features of AdPlexity is the ability to simply pick up and landing page you like, simply click download and a zipped folder would be downloaded to your local folder.

Contextual insights

AdPlexity’s main feature is the search feature. It allows you to go through hundreds of thousands of creatives and zone in on the pop ads that contain the keyword you’re searching for in the title, description, or URL of the offer you’re targeting.

Filter results to find your muse

AdPlexity enables filtering results by keywords, advertisers, publishers, and affiliate networks allowing advertisers to work within the platforms they know best and are comfortable with but scale their campaigns with proper ad intelligence.

Intelligent Analytics

AdPlexity allows advertisers and media buyers to analyze every part of their campaign. 

    1. Ad trend: See the longevity of the campaign and which days it performs best.
    2. Targeted devices: see whether the campaign performs better on mobile or desktop devices.
    3. Traffic Sources: The ultimate secret, the source of converting traffic.
    4. Publishers: See which publishers generate traffic for this offer.

What are some other AdPlexity advantages?

  1. AdPlexity is the only service on the market with Android In-App, Mobile Web, and Popups data
  2. The only service that shows you what ads run on carrier traffic.
  3. AdPlexity has the most in-depth data and filtering options for individual campaign
  4. The largest amount of data was collected.

Is there a free trial for trying AdPlexity?

Unfortunately AdPlexity does not offer any trial periods. But they assure us that users who sign up and think it’s not for them can ask and will receive a refund within the first 24 hours of usage. 

What's the main benefit with using AdPlexity?

Push and Pop advertising is one of the fastest evolving industries and the trends keep piling up, without any sort of competitive intelligence it’s impossible to keep track of the latest profitable opportunities within this industry. Using AdPlexity will allow you to gather full insights on what’s working for your competition and when done right you will save both time and money.

AdPlexity: Exclusive Promotion

How accurate is AdPlexity?

AdPlexity scans multiple sources of ad network tags from 70 different countries and operating systems giving it a clear view of what currently runs on any pop ad network also allowing you to dive into push marketing and compare push networks campaign creatives.

AdPlexity registers with any ad network that is featured within its partner’s list and simply requests the ad tag for an advert posing as different types of users (mobile, desktop, tablet) from different countries, and logs that to their database. 

adplexity logo

Which ad networks can AdPlexity support?

  1. Android In-App Ads (EZmob, StartApp, MillennialMedia, InMobi, Airpush, Leadbolt)
  2. Popups (EZmob, Adcash, PopAds, Popcash, PropellerAds, ZeroPark)
  3. Mobile web (EZmob and more than 25 exchanges)

How to use adplexity

For great advice from pro affiliates that offer their secret tips on maximizing the search feature in AdPlexity, we’ve summarized a few tips brought by Akahma users in AffLift forum. 

1- Getting push notifications landing page Search for “allow” “deny”

2- Getting Vpn Landing pages, search for “VPN” “Secure” "your ip"

3- Getting Casino /betting landing pages, search for “bonus”

4- Getting Survey landing pages Search for “survey” , "Woman Man" , " Yes No"

5- Getting pin submit landing pages, search for “Subscribe” “/week” “/day” "reply yes" "insert number"

adplexity usage tips
adplexity usage tips 2
adplexity usage tips

How much does AdPlexity cost?

Each of AdPlexity’s product is priced differently and offers totally different features. 

  1. AdPlexity Push: $149 / mo. / user
  2. AdPlexity Native: $249 / mo. / user
  3. AdPlexity Desktop: $199 / mo. / user
  4. AdPlexity Mobile: $199 / mo. / user
  5. AdPlexity eCommerce: $199 / mo. / user
  6. AdPlexity Carriers: $149 for 500 MB/mo. data transfer
adplexity push pricing

AdPlexity's client support

AdPlexity’s client support is awesome and always available to help with a smile. 

What are some of AdPlexity's alternatives?

Read our reviews about AdPlexity’s different alternative spy tools and solutions such as SpyOver and Anstrex.

The bottom line

Regardless of what your personal values may dictate, you do need an intelligent platform if you want to save money and have effective pop ads and push ads campaigns.

When competing with bigger agencies and a lot of other affiliate marketers it’s hard to get a focus on what works and intelligence platforms are the ultimate method to gain insights quickly and for a low price.

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