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Popunder Ads: How You Can Utilize Popunder Ads In Your CPC Marketing

While having been around for a very long while, Popunder ads are still one of the most effective means to drive CPC traffic to your website or app. Almost every means is acceptable in a way to go new visitors, especially in today’s competitive market. You will also find a considerable amount of ad platforms to drive traffic and produce more leads. Among the widely utilized, you can figure out next include:

  1. Banner advertising showed for a particular target audience and oriented on their topics, hobbies, interests, and other engaging stuff. This kind of ads is specialized in visualization. Usually, they existed on the top site to drive attention.
  2. Native advertising is much very much the same to banner advertising. The only difference is that it’s less vibrant and consistent, along with overall site design.
  3. Search engine advertising is focused on individuals who spend dozens of times browsing products or services online. Those ads show as a text and highlighted headings.

Each of the ads mentioned above is connected to loyalty advertising. That’s because it enables users to decide whether to click it or not. Nonetheless, you will also find aggressive ads like popunders and popups that usually annoy users.

Nonetheless, people who utilize smartly might achieve positive outcomes and less spends on traffic. In this post, let’s figure out ‘Do pop-under ads actually work?’ along with the discussion of the benefits and drawbacks of this type of advertising and some ways of using it.

Popunder Ads Definition

Nearly all websites these days attract customers with a popunder ad. This kind of ad is very particular and shows when a user opens the webpage. The ad shows in another window as soon as a lead clicks on the close button.

Popunders have a lot of benefits as opposed to other types of ads:

  1. CPC bidding – pay for engaged users and not just impressions served
  2. Popunders reaches a broad audience
  3. It shows once a day and appears to unique users only. This kind of tactic saves money and stops non-target traffic
  4. This type of advertising produces more traffic
  5. It has an economical price. The payment is done based on the Pay Per Impression (PPI) model. Hence, the quantity of impressions is the same as the number of clicks as the user is redirected to the target site as soon as the ad shows.
  6. Popunder network advertising does not spoil the web design
  7. Users will undoubtedly go to the site of the advertiser

Why Should You Utilize Popunder on CPC?

Let’s say you finally considered attracting users with this type of CPC advertising (popunder ads). For you to set and run it, you need to do the following:

  1. choose an ad network or traffic source, allowing to set up pop-under ads, such as EZmob.com
  2. create exact parameters for your target audience
  3. provide a landing page to direct CPC traffic to and include all necessary tracking parameters
  4. fund your account with a minimum of $50
  5. that’s it, you’re ready to launch your popunder ads campaign

You see, sources are combined with the website partners. These website partners are the placeholders of the ads on their site. The particular platform for pop-under ads will vary in the target settings.

Do You Want to Launch A CPC Campaign on EZMob?

EZMob is the best partner for monitoring specific stats from popunder advertising. The good thing here is that users do not need to create added settings or pay for additional plugs to monitor real-time progress.  Chat with us today to get started or refer to our Helpdesk.

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popunder cpc

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