is affiliate marketing worth it

You heard it “everyone can do affiliate marketing!” and that’s the biggest lie ever. Well, everyone can do it but not everyone is going to make it work. One of the questions we get asked is, is affiliate marketing still worth it? Find out if it is or not and how newbies are capitalizing on it to earn between $500-800 a day.

There are qualities necessary for being an affiliate marketer, they’re not impossible to acquire but it takes patience and time. keep reading to learn more about affiliate marketing and its worth.

So what specifically in affiliate marketing works?

The downside of affiliate marketing is that there is way too much opportunity on what to get started with, and most people question if it’s still making money. The question is really which vertical within affiliate marketing you plan to spend your time and money on and not refer to affiliate marketing as a whole. 

Affiliate marketing as a whole is still lucrative as a whole, but again, the question is where you’re going to put your time and attention. When newbies start out they usually start out with writing blogs and recording their learning curve online and that leaves a lot of people confused since blogging takes a long while to succeed with and it just requires a lot of patience. 

That doesn’t mean affiliate marketing as a whole requires a lot of patience, most of the verticals of it don’t, for example you can launch a popunder campaign in the next 10 minutes with EZmob that will get you started, there’s no patience required for that. But we digress, let’s start with the basics. 

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Where do you get started with affiliate marketing?

Registering an affiliate account is free and easy, if you try to google affiliate networks you will find a ton of choices. The biggest affiliate network you will encounter is Amazon’s affiliate program, but newbie affiliates usually start by registering with affiliate networks like ClickBank, picking up offers, and promoting them with cheap popunder traffic and push notification ads. That’s one slice of affiliate marketing that doesn’t require big budgets and 5 year plans to get you started. 

But there are many others, let’s go over a few niches of affiliate marketing. 


The Biggest And Most Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niches


Even though we saw a global pandemic decimate travel companies, travel is not a niche that can be overcome by some plague. The travel industry has earned over $7 trillion USD last year. 

Affiliate marketers who pick travel as their primary niche could post affiliate links and codes on the bigger social media platform, as well as post blog articles about unique travel destinations to earn commission on affiliate sales. Now that the pandemic’s restrictions have been lifted commissions are expected to be paid out faster. 


The 2nd most profitable affiliate marketing niche is the health industry. The global health market was valued at $4.9 trillion USD and is estimated to reach $7 trillion in 2025. This goes to show you, that people will spend a lot of money to live a longer and more sustainable life. 

Finding your niche within health whether it is de-aging creams, yoga courses or wellness classes is lucrative and has a huge audience to be acquired. 


Covid-19 definitely did help with growing the fitness niche in the digital space to be huge. The fact we all worked from our homes launched new fitness trends which is the catalyst for the fitness niche’s amazing growth. 

Influences mainly engage with users across video platforms such as Youtube and social platforms like Facebook. Generally, fitness influencers sell workout plans and promote mobile fitness apps. 



It’s no secret that the gaming market keeps growing from year to year with the progress of technology. The gaming market is already valued at over $175 billion USD in 2021 and will grow to over $200 billion valuations by 2023. A bit less than half the world is a player. 

The technological progress is not to be underestimated with AR, VR, and mobile devices keeping the growth going, there are new audiences of gamers to be acquired. There are gaming-focused affiliate networks that are capitalizing on the growth of the sector.


Food, or generally the lifestyle niche went under a huge shift due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Social media users were gaining a lot of recognition for posts involving their comfort foods, recipes, and different types of healthy food cookbooks. Another contributing factor has been the rising prices of meat which urged a lot of US consumers to cut down on red meat during the pandemic. Also, plant-based meat has been becoming an alternative more and more in the last 2 years. Affiliate marketers are banking on the food niche by promoting healthier lifestyle choices, promoting different utilities for cooking, and growing their following very quickly. 

Affiliate marketers looking to dive into the food niche can find many food companies that are looking for capable marketing professionals. For this niche too, Youtube and Instagram are the best venues to promote the food niche.


The adult marketing vertical refers to the promotion of products that are centered around adult recreation such as adult videos, products, and content. Adult affiliate programs often are centered around one product or provide hundreds of different adult products to market. 

If affiliate marketing is worth it, where do I learn more about it?

The best place to learn more about affiliate marketing is 

    1. Twitter
      our advice to you regarding anything you want to learn is to open a new dedicated user on Twitter and simply start following all the known heavy-hitters in the niche you’re trying to learn on. Twitter will continue to suggest relevant people for your desired niche, and follow the case studies and insights the influencers provide freely. This will be much more valuable than any paid course you find online. 
    2. Forums
      Read our review of our top 3 favorite affiliate forums and compare affiliate marketing forums
    3. Blogs
      There are many great marketing blogs available, including our own marketing blog and case studies. It really depends on the niche you’re targeting, so googling a bit more about your niche and the word “forums” will get you what you need. 
    4. Quora
      Quora is an amazing platform to get your questions answered.
    5. Reddit
      Search Reddit for a subreddit that is targeting your niche vertical. You might get less value from Reddit than from Twitter, but it still holds a lot of smart users that are happy to share their experience for free.

You can start here, by reading our collection of case studies, and blog posts and referring to our helpdesk which is full of helpful articles about how to actually set up a popup advertising campaign. 

Is Affiliate Marketing Still Worth It: FAQs

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the practice of promoting specific products for a share of the revenue or the profit of the sale of the product. 

What is an affiliate marketing niche?

A niche in affiliate marketing can be as small as a keyword or as a huge industry that’s focused on one need. 

affiliate marketing

How can I find affiliate marketing niches?

Google is usually the answer, trying playing around with search terms such as [your niche] + “forum” as a start to see if there are any forums that are active enough to follow. To find out if they are simply log in to the forum and see how often do new questions get answers, if there’s a good flow of threads and posts then you’re in the right place. Make sure to use the introduction forum section to get your start. 

Another great way to get brilliant insights is affiliate spy tools such as Anstrex, AdPlexity, and SpyOver. Read all our reviews about these services through the highlighted links. 

What is the best affiliate tracking technology?

There are many great tracking companies, some will give you a low monthly payout and unlimited clicks as well. Each of the tracking solutions has its own secret sauce whether it’s a great UI, cookieless tracking features, better more detailed reports, etc. 

Read our reviews about our favorite tracking platforms:

    1. Voluum
    2. CPV Lab Pro
    3. Skro
    4. Redtrack

Another tool you should be familiar with is the optimizer which is a great automation tool that is already deeply integrated with EZmob.

is affiliate marketing worth it

How much do i need to invest to start affiliate marketing?

There are many free tools and trial periods you can use to sort out all the writing, tracking, and content discovery you need till you figure out which tools you prefer to use. 

When it comes to buying cheap popunder traffic, all you need to get started is $50. You can register now with EZmob, and set up and launch pop, push, or native ads campaigns that will get approved today and get you your start as an affiliate marketer. 

pop ads payment methods

OK, I'm sold, How do I start advertising with popups?

This is how you can launch your first popup advertising campaign today:

    1. Register an advertiser account here
    2. Verify your email and update your profile details
    3. Fund your account with at least $50 – read more details
    4. Go to the Campaign navigation menu, click ‘Create popunder campaign’
    5. Enter your campaign name, budget and daily cap, click Next.
    6. Enter your campaign’s targeting, click Next
    7. Enter your campaign creative URL or tracking link
    8. Click Submit

That’s it, you’re now a verified popunder marketer.

is affiliate marketing worth it

The bottom line

You don’t need to invest thousands of dollars to become an affiliate marketer, you need to invest your time instead of in learning what affiliate marketing is, the tools of the trade, and where to get the best affiliate offers from and connect that to buying premium traffic that will convert for your offers.

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