mobile ad formats

Mobile ad formats: A new entry in the search for the most engaging mobile ad units

Banners have been a popular online advertising method for many years, but they do not translate well in the mobile advertising world. In an effort to develop better mobile ad formats EZmob had developed an alternative method—engaging mobile popups.

After 2 years of perfecting his vision, EZmob has found an alternative to the large banner ads that monopolize the screen of mobile devices like smartphones, notebooks, and iPads. His engaging mobile popups are called “EZ Pops” and they are designed in a manner in which they pop up on your screen, without having the feel of pesky popups—or the bulk of a banner ad.

EZ Pops are a better mobile ad format because they use advanced GEO targeting and modern browser targeting so that the ads that pop up on screen are relevant to a mobile user who is browsing the web. Each ad unit has a clear call to action, with an easy to activate button—one that is designed to respond to true clicks, opposed to that all too often accidental ones.

To offer their engaging mobile popups to all business owners looking for ways to capitalize on mobile advertising, EZmob has created a user-friendly interface in which businesses can log in and create their own easily integrated ad with the script of their choice. This allows businesses the ability to monetize their ads, and effectively reach their mobile users—making them better mobile ad formats than traditional banner ads.

EZmob’s EZ Pop ads make monetizing a breeze by reaching your target audience first-hand and having an easy-to-use call to action. EZmob’s unique targeted approach allows businesses better exposure than traditional banners, which in turn increases your ROI. Their engaging pop-up ads are also a favorite of many online publishers because they clear up more space for valuable content.

EZ Pops is sure to evolve as mobile marketing continues to grow in demand, but they are off to an impressive start with their user-friendly, targeted, and visually appealing ads.