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Banner Advertising: What makes Banner Ads Effective?

You will find a lot of people talk about banner design and banner advertising. But what is it? In this post, we’re going to talk more about this type of advertising and how it works.

Introducing Banner Advertising

Banner or display advertising is one of the most sought-after conventional strategies of digital advertising. It provides you the chance to market your products or services through banners of various sizes. EZMob supports every standard IAB ad sizes, in PNG and JPEG formats.

You see, banner advertising is a kind of online advertising, which comes in various forms. It includes rich media and banner ads, among others. Display advertising depends on elements like video, audio, and images to communicate a marketing message.

Banner advertising establishes brand recognition and awareness while marketing the sale of a service or product.

How Does It Work?

You are now aware that banner advertising is a type of online advertising through banners. Also known as display advertising, the purpose of this is to market a brand. The banner ad could bring your visitor from the host site to the website of the advertiser or a particular landing page.

Banner ads are the ideal tool for obtaining more conversions.

What Makes Banner Ads Useful?

One benefit of online advertising over the standard form of advertising is that its efficacy could be measured easily. One indicator of its effectiveness is the click-through rate. The CTR is measured by dividing the number of users who clicked on the ad by the number of times the ad was shown.

For example, you might say that a particular ad had a click-through rate of three percent. That indicates that out of a hundred impressions offered, the banner was clicked three times.

Hence, the more effective the ad will be if it has a higher CTR. That’s very easy.

Steps for Making Banner for Advertising

Do you want to know the steps of how to create a banner for advertising? Don’t worry; this section got you covered!

You can make animated or static banner ads with EZMob without all the coding and technical abilities. The best part? You can easily create one – what you just need is a PC and an internet connection.

  • Determine your audience – Before making, consider who your target audience is. Perhaps you wish to them to purchase your limited sale or like them to try the service.
  • Value proposition – Write the text of your banner and pick a good call to action text button.
  • Standard web banner ad size – Choose another size you where you can limit the reach of your ad campaigns.
  • Fonts – Choose a font that’s easily read.
  • Images – Don’t use poor quality images. Doing so could make mistrust between your brand and the user.
  • Brand colors – Make sure you utilize the colors of your brand.
  • Branding element – It doesn’t matter if you have a small or big company. You should be able to utilize your branding elements to highlight that your company is behind that banner ad.

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