Understanding the basics of online display and mobile advertising is easier than you think. But getting your display and mobile ads to work for your affiliate advertising campaigns can be a tough challenge.

If done right, display and mobile ads will bring more benefits than you might consider.

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Combining affiliate marketing and display advertising

Golden Goose is an affiliate network with over half a million satisfied publishers from all over the world.

It offers over 3000 campaigns from over a dozen categories, so you can be sure to pick something you and your potential audience will be interested in.

Display advertising is creating and displaying advertisements for your affiliate programs on other websites and mobile devices.

This quick explanation should be enough to make you believe that these two things can and should be combined when thinking about earning money online.

Why can it be so profitable?

How can display and mobile ads be so profitable?

Affiliate marketing is excellent for websites that don’t own specific products or services.

In this regard, affiliate marketing is aimed at businesses, organizations, and especially individuals like you who want to earn money without needing to leave their homes.

Because they don’t have a particular product or service, they sell third-party products and services instead. Remember that you can pick anything from over 3000 campaigns from Golden Goose!

Affiliate marketing can be surprisingly profitable for websites that have engaged user bases that keep coming back or are willing to reach the global audience. After all, in affiliate marketing, every person you send to one’s website is another opportunity to earn a commission. Therefore, it is in your best interest to attract as many visitors to your website as possible so that you can get the biggest profit achievable.

However, affiliate marketing is not a great idea for companies in a dedicated industry. Since Golden Goose offers about 3000 campaigns from over a dozen categories, it’d be a shame to use display ads just for one product or service.

How can display and mobile ads be so profitable?

display and mobile ads

The context of advertising campaigns

The publisher needs to choose suitable affiliate programs that correspond contextually with the website’s topic. In addition to advertising on websites and mobile devices, thanks to EZmob, Golden Goose’s publishers can generate income in partnership programs:

using Facebook (directing traffic from ads on Facebook to sales pages), with the help of Google Adsense (directing users from ads to pages with offers),
via price comparison websites (to see comparison campaigns, click here),
by sending advertising mailings.

It is worth spending more time appropriately selecting affiliate programs and promotional formats for the subject and graphic design for the website. As a result, instead of being intrusive advertising, affiliate marketing will become a user-friendly supplementation of the website with eCommerce content.

Example: Golden Goose affiliate program that promotes a car loan will fit nicely on an automotive website, but it won’t work on a blog about interior design, where cash loan campaigns or cashback programs may work better.

Targeting the audience is the key

It’s essential to choose the audience you want to target to ensure that you are engaging the right users – which allows you to grow your customer base. EZmob will then combine your ads with using cookies and browsing history to identify your most valuable potential customers.

The network serves ads to these customers on any site with available ad space. Visitors see your ads, click on them, and go to your website, where they can click on your personalized affiliate links.

Focus on the visual aspects of your ads

Your display ads should be visually appealing and stimulating to viewers and try to get their attention long enough to entice them to click on your page and then your affiliate links.

While it’s natural to want to share all the details about your chosen product or service, you should be as simple as possible with display ads so viewers don’t get overwhelmed.

If you provide too much information right away, viewers may stop reading or lose interest – simply because there’s too much to read. Advertising, primarily visual, should always be simple, straightforward, and as direct as possible.


Benefits from choosing display and mobile ads while promoting Golden Goose campaigns

Display advertising provides a simple, affordable, and effective way to reach more customers. Ads:

Gain more sales or leads (depending on the business model),
Broaden your brand awareness by showing your chosen products or services on websites that potential customers frequently visit.

With that in mind, display ads are an excellent opportunity to attract new, global customers. This way, you ensure you’re still getting the engaged, qualified traffic your website needs while increasing your ROI on display advertising and overall income.

Display advertising is a fantastic offer for any publisher looking to reach new qualified leads that will convert.


The central assumption of affiliate marketing is delegating all marketing and advertising activities to a specific person or group.

The effect can be even several times better, thanks to the combined efforts of many specialists and networks. Like EZmob and Golden Goose, in this case. This method allows you to achieve satisfactory results in a short time.

For the publishers, it gives unlimited earning opportunities since the system is commission-based, and the remuneration depends only on the effect.

The person carrying out the activities may achieve high revenues depending on the commitment and number of projects in which they participate. Once created, the advertising content will pay off for a more extended period.

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