Push Notification Ads: What makes them an effective ad format?

Did you know that the push notification conversion rate is at least two to five percent? That’s quite decent, isn’t it? In this post, let’s figure out what push notification advertising is and its potential advantages to your business.

To make it short, push notifications are popping messages showing on the user’s PC or mobile device. They are the same as native ads in Google display networks, SMS messages, and email marketing combined. It is typically composed of images, a title, a description, and a URL to the landing page.

Not all are aware of this, but it has a handful of perks for businesses.

The Excellent Perks of Using Push notification advertising

The Excellent Perks of Using Web Push Notifications

Here are some apparent benefits of using web push notification ads for businesses. After reading, you might be interested in using it immediately:

  • Push notification advertising is an economical way of advertising compared to contextual, paid emails, or SMS advertising.
  • The message is shown over any other part of the content. Hence, you are not likely to miss it. Nearly 100% of users will notice your message even if they do not click it.
  • The format is very native. Did you know that the message shows in the right corner of the computer or the smartphone feed?
  • The messages are delivered immediately and will be sent anyway. That’s true, even if the user does not have your site open or not utilizing a smartphone or PC at the moment. The user will just notice them a bit later.
  • The delivery and subscription are done through Android apps and web browsers. That offers more user trust.
  • Users don’t need to reveal personal details like email or phone numbers. Every user will have his or her token, which can’t be duplicated, utilized, or passed to any third party.

Should You Utilize Push Notifications?

You see, the push mobile ad format is ideal for almost all businesses these days. Particularly good results push a show for mass-market products and content websites such as:

However, the communication strategy might differ. Everything will vary on your goals and capabilities. Some of the examples are as follows:

  • Downloads & Installs. It’s an excellent way to inform consumers about your offers, goods, brands, or essential updates.
  • Social Follow: increase your following with facebook’s ad formats
  • Direct Sales. You can sell mass-market products by delivering push notifications along with geo-targeting.
  • New Readers. You can get a new audience by delivering captivating push notifications with ad networks.
  • You can inform your users about payments, delivery, and order status.
  • You can remind the users regarding the new videos, articles, features, goods, other pieces of content, special events, and bonuses.
  • Abandoned Cart. You will find some users who placed items in to cart but didn’t pay and left. In this case, you can make sense of product storage to encourage users to purchase.

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