Why promote VPN offers in Saudi Arabia?

The use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) in Saudi Arabia has become increasingly popular as a means to bypass internet censorship and access online content that the government otherwise blocks. However, promoting VPN offers in Saudi Arabia can be a challenging task due to the country’s strict regulations and limited access to online advertising platforms.

In this article, we will explore how ezmob’s online ad network can effectively promote VPN affiliate offers to a targeted audience in Saudi Arabia, and how it can help overcome the marketing challenges faced by affiliate marketers in the region.

We will also examine the key metrics and success factors for promoting VPN offers with EZmob and the benefits of using an online ad network for affiliate marketing.

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Saudi Arabia and VPNs

In Saudi Arabia, internet censorship is prevalent, with various websites and online services being blocked by the government. This makes it difficult for individuals and businesses to access online content and services freely.

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) have become an essential tool for many people in Saudi Arabia to bypass internet restrictions and access content that would otherwise be unavailable. A VPN encrypts the user’s internet traffic and routes it through a server in a different country, effectively masking their online activity and allowing them to access content and services unavailable in their location.

The importance of VPNs in Saudi Arabia has only grown in recent years, with more and more people relying on them to access the internet securely and without restrictions.

A brief explanation about affiliate networks, ad networks and offers

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy where an advertiser (merchant) pays a commission to an affiliate (publisher) for driving a specific action, such as a sale, lead, or click-through to the advertiser’s website.

The affiliate promotes the advertiser’s products or services through various channels, such as a website, blog, social media, or email marketing.

Online ad networks, on the other hand, are platforms that connect advertisers with publishers, enabling them to buy and sell ad inventory.

Ad networks act as intermediaries, aggregating ad inventory from multiple publishers and offering it to advertisers. Advertisers can use ad networks to reach a larger audience and target their ads based on specific criteria, such as location, demographics, interests, or behavior.

In affiliate marketing, online ad networks can be a powerful tool for publishers to monetize their traffic and earn commissions from promoting affiliate offers. Ad networks provide publishers access to various advertisers, suggestions, and advanced targeting and optimization tools to maximize their earnings.

At the same time, advertisers can use ad networks to reach relevant audiences and increase their conversions while only paying for actual results.



Why run VPN offers with EZmob

Ezmob is an online ad network that specializes in performance-based advertising. The platform offers a range of ad formats, including native, interstitial, and banner ads, as well as push notifications and pop-ups. Ezmob focuses on delivering high-quality traffic and optimizing campaigns for maximum ROI.

One of the critical features of ezmob is its advanced targeting capabilities, which enable advertisers to reach specific audiences based on location, device, language, interests, and behavior. Ezmob also offers real-time reporting and analytics, allowing advertisers to track their campaign performance and optimize their strategies accordingly.

Ezmob’s platform is user-friendly and offers a variety of tools to help advertisers manage their campaigns, such as a campaign scheduler, budget and bid management, and automatic optimization. The platform also provides a dedicated account manager to help advertisers with campaign setup and optimization.

Overall, EZmob offers a robust and effective platform for advertisers looking to promote their offers through online advertising. Its focus on performance-based advertising and advanced targeting capabilities make it an attractive option for affiliate marketers looking to drive conversions and maximize their ROI.

The Offer and Campaign Setup

The Offer: VPN CPA in Saudi Arabia

VPN offers are abundant, you can either find a great offer directly from affiliate programs that are dedicated to the product they develop, or through affiliate networks that focus on utilities and app marketing. 

The offer in this case has the following information: 

  • Product: VPN (brand undisclosed)
  • Country Targeting: SA
  • Operating systems: MacOS, Desktop, iOS, Android
  • Platforms: Mobile and Desktop
  • Carrier targeting: Allowed
  • Restrictions: No brand keyword competition

The payout model for this offer is a CPA model, which means you get paid only when a user has downloaded, installed and purchased through the app at least once. The payout for this offer is $20.

The Campaign: How you should target for a VPN offer

Setting up a campaign to promote a VPN offer with ezmob is a relatively straightforward process. First, advertisers need to create an account on the ezmob platform and select the ad format they want to use for their campaign. Once the ad format is selected, the advertiser can choose their targeting criteria, such as location, device type, language, interests, and behavior.

Next, the advertiser needs to create their ad creative, which can include images, text, and/or video, depending on the chosen ad format. Advertisers can use ezmob’s ad builder tool to create their ads, or they can upload their own creatives.

Once the ad creative is created, the advertiser can set their campaign budget and bid, and select the campaign start and end dates. Ezmob offers a variety of bidding options, such as CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per thousand impressions), depending on the chosen ad format.

Finally, the advertiser needs to submit their campaign for review and approval. Once approved, the campaign will go live, and the advertiser can track its performance in real-time using ezmob’s reporting and analytics tools. Ezmob also offers automatic optimization tools, which can help advertisers maximize their campaign performance and ROI. Overall, setting up a campaign with ezmob is a simple and effective way to promote VPN offers and reach a targeted audience.



Campaign targeting tips:

Here are a few helpful tips that will allow you to scale your campaigns when conversions start pouring in quickly. 

  1. Create a campaign per each operating system you target: this will allow you to dive deeper into each campaign, as different operating systems can provide you with different payouts and conversion rates. Dividing your offer into two campaigns will allow you faster report analysis and a better optimization mechanism. 
  2. Check the app size: when promoting severely ‘heavier’ apps, meaning the length is over 100MB, marketers should consider targeting WiFi traffic as users may consider their 3G pack before downloading anything that may affect their phone bill. 
  3. Create a localized landing page: use your audience language and your offer’s brand colors to sync better what your page shows and where the user lands once he goes through it. 
  4. Rotate landing page: A/B test your creatives and keep improving as users may see your ad more than once. 

Pre-Analysis of the VPN campaign

Some of our clients are affiliates and affiliate networks that specialize in promoting VPN offers. Their KPIs are expanding their reach and promote their VPN offer to a wider audience in Saudi Arabia. However, they faced several challenges, including the country’s strict internet censorship laws and the difficulty in reaching a relevant audience. EZmob, an online ad network, helps them overcome these challenges and promote their VPN offer to a targeted audience.


Campaign Results:

The campaign was highly successful, achieving the following metrics:

    1. 20% win-rate rate (CTR)
    2. 10% conversion rate (CR)
    3. MAX $0.05 cost per click (CPC)
    4. $15 fee per acquisition (CPA)
    5. 200% return on ad spend (ROAS)

These metrics exceeded industry benchmarks for VPN affiliate offers, demonstrating the effectiveness of the campaign strategy.

The high click-through and conversion rates indicated that the ad creative and landing page were highly influential in engaging the target audience and promoting the VPN offer. The low cost per click and cost per acquisition indicated that the campaign was cost-effective, while the high return on ad spend demonstrated the campaign’s profitability.

Conclusion: The successful campaign conducted by Company X and ezmob demonstrated the effectiveness of online advertising in promoting VPN affiliate offers in Saudi Arabia. By targeting a relevant audience and using a variety of ad formats, they achieved impressive results and maximized their ROI. The campaign’s success highlights the importance of working with a professional online ad network, such as ezmob, to effectively promote affiliate offers and overcome marketing challenges.

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The bottom line

The successful campaign conducted by our partners and ezmob demonstrated the effectiveness of online advertising in promoting VPN affiliate offers in Saudi Arabia.

By targeting a relevant audience and using a variety of ad formats, they achieved impressive results and maximized their ROI.

The campaign’s success highlights the importance of working with a professional online ad network, such as ezmob, to effectively promote affiliate offers and overcome marketing challenges.

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