As a rule of nature, most of your campaigns aren’t pan out due to many factors involved with each click you buy; we all are looking for that single campaign that will bring back x10 ROI and then some.

This article deals with what you should do when you find your winning push or pop campaign and how you can instantly scale up without obliterating your conversion rats.

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When is it time to scale up your campaign?

A campaign that requires scaling up is a campaign that is already doing well; by scaling up, we mean to increase the daily spend on that single campaign significantly. So if you are reaching your ROI, that means you should scale up, right? Maybe. But there are a couple of other issues we suggest you check. 

  1. Your ROI is positive, as indicated in your advertiser reports and is steady for over 7 days
  2. Your advertiser is satisfied with the quality leads you to generate ongoing and specifically in the recent days
  3. Your supply hasn’t changed significantly, and you have received steady traffic from the same sources for over a week or more.
  4. You’re getting a steady amount of conversions (at least over 20 a day from different sources)

If the above is true, then it’s definitely time to scale your campaign.

#1 Scale your campaign with a better bid

The easiest and fastest solution to scaling any ad campaign is simply increasing the bid you place on the traffic you purchase. If, for example, you’re running a pop campaign at a bid of $0.20 CPM (20 cents for every 1000 impressions served), then increasing the bid to $0.50 CPM would be significant enough to be competitive. 

To understand where you’re at with your current bid, you should check out your advertiser reports and look for your win rate, which is the number of impressions you’ve bought divided by the number of impressions you could have purchased. 

If your win rate is low (let’s say 0.5%-5%) and there’s enough inventory to be bought (let’s say 100K+ impressions), then changing your bid anywhere up to doubling it should gain you more traffic, then you can do it again as many times as needed. 

If your win rate is already high and you’re buying out the inventory, then increasing your bid won’t work; you might find it helpful to decrease (!) your bid if you’re the only buyer and allow more impressions within your configured daily cap. 

In a real-time bidding environment like EZmob, you continuously compete with several other advertisers for the same traffic. If your campaign is super-targeted and more advertisers run campaigns for the same audience, you will need to complete as you do in any auction. 

Read these helpful articles on how you can update your campaign’s bid and how you can check your win rate

#2 Increase your budget

Another seemingly obvious strategy is to increase your campaign daily budget. If you’re constantly reaching your daily cap, double it and allow more of the traffic that works for your campaign to pour in. 


#3 Scale your campaign's reach with extra targeting

Our clients usually know what they need. When you have an affiliate offer demanding a particular set of targeting to receive a payout is one thing, for example, if an affiliate program is willing to pay only for installs coming from iOS, Ukraine, in a specific carrier. But clients usually come with their own experience and strategy when dealing with new pop traffic sources, focusing on specific browsers, IPs, and more. 

When it’s time to scale, you should start by realizing which targeting options you didn’t target due to your strategy and whether you can un-exclude those targeting options to allow more traffic in.

Sometimes our strategy can get in the way since each campaign is different.

#4 Get similar campaigns

Chat with your affiliate manager and understand whether they run the exact offers in different countries, operating systems, etc. You might be able to duplicate your existing campaigns and change your targeting and quickly scale this way.

If you’re looking for more recommended affiliate networks, check out our comparison of the top affiliate networks.

#5 Get a better payout

If your campaign is running smoothly and conversions are pouring in, another scaling option might be to appeal to your affiliate manager and ask for a more substantial payout. Other than instantly providing you with a better ROI, it will also enable you to increase your bid and gain more traffic and conversions. 

If the advertiser is happy with the leads or sales you deliver, it’s in your interest to scale your campaign immediately.

#6 Test new ad formats

Some of the publishers that generated traffic for your successful campaigns might also be running on different type of ad formats. 

To reiterate, if you are buying push traffic from a particular publisher, you might also be interested in purchasing that publisher’s in-page push notification ad traffic or buying cheap pop traffic from that same publisher. 


#7 Tweak your campaign's user flow

You might employ landing pages on your push and pop campaigns which means you have some control over the flow the user goes through. This means that tweaking your flow by using different landing pages or creatives, making the user go through another validation or completely removing validations might change your conversion rate and count significantly. 

Note this might also work for the worse, changing your user flow has a deep effect over your bottom line and should be done carefully. 

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Bottom line

Scaling your campaigns responsibly is critical; there are a few ways you can go about it, either by working with your traffic source or your affiliate advertiser partner. 

Try to research the inventory available for purchase before you even start your campaigns if possible and work with both the ad network and the affiliate program to find a match that will be easy to scale.

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