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Compare the best push ad networks for 2022

Ready to compare push networks? Push notification advertising is widely popular since it came to fruition a couple of years ago. We all learned about how effective push advertising is when a few niche networks began to promote it, and by the time the bigger ad networks rolled it out, it’s been set as a fact, that push advertising works. In this review, we will compare the major push notification ad networks and what makes them a push advertising leaders among all the other push ad networks. Read more about how to profit from push traffic.


EZmob is a self-serve ad network that serves more than push, but push notification ads are definitely something EZmob does well.

Users may buy push traffic as soon as they finish registering and verifying their accounts. A minimal budget of $20 is required as a daily cap and the minimum bid is only $0.005. 

Optimizing EZmob push ad placement is easy through blacklisting and whitelisting specific publisher feeds. EZmob provides both direct publishers generate opt-in push users as well as aggregated network push users. The advantage of doing both is that you are not limited by a network cap of users, you have the freedom to choose between direct publisher traffic and network traffic. EZmob’s traffic is monitored and filtered so when you buy network inventory, you’re buying the best users that EZmob has done the research on and have the experience to segment good users from old non-fresh push notifications users.


Push Ground

Push ground is one of the most prominent push advertising platforms online with many advantages it provides to advertisers, including features like a selection of multiple and varied advertising templates, in addition to that Push Ground provides campaign automation and a wide range of ad customization methods that help you do more with the creatives you do have. 

Push ground provides a good variety of targeting options. You may choose GEO, Language, Device, Carriers, OS, and more.  Good targeting is key with push marketing as the opt-in of the user may differ from the user’s current device usage. It also helps a lot your CTR to lean into what works best for your campaign. 


Rich Push

We’re not easily impressed with self-reported audience size, but if we go according to what Rich Push mentions on their website they currently hold the largest database of push users of any online company. This is great if you’ve got the budget for millions of daily users, but most advertisers cap their campaign to less than that. 

Rich Push’s top countries are India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Brazil, and then the USA. RichPush traffic is verified by AdScore to prevent bot and low-quality human traffic.

RichPush is a part of RichAds, the proprietary, performance-driven advertising platform with verified push, pop, domain redirect, and in-page push traffic inside.

Propeller Ads

PropellerAds offers managed service and a Self-Service Platform where Advertisers can control and optimize their ad campaigns. Targetings available include Device, OS, 3G/Wi-Fi, Mobile Carrier, GEO,  Language, Browser, and City.

Self-serve platforms can start and scale up very quickly. It enables users to reach out to the audience globally, measure their performance, and provides you, the user, with complete control over the campaigns. Propellerads also operates a pretty nifty real-time estimator of push traffic that may help you gain more insights into how the campaign bids and the targeting settings can impact the reach of the ad.  In addition to that smartCPA helps to convert affiliate offers with direct pop placements.

propeller ads

Compare push networks: final thoughts

Thanks for reading our brief review and comparison of push ad networks, each ad network has value with its own audience and service and it’s important to compare push networks and we urge you to keep a balanced portfolio of traffic sources, not relying on one source entirely and being open to opportunities that each ad network provides, keep in close touch with your account manager and be the first to hear of opportunities or join our newsletter to stay updated. 


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