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In an effort to engage users with mobile ad units, the mobile advertising visionaries at EZmob have created EZ Pops, a new and better way to engage mobile users. To create EZ Pops an independent study was done by an independent advertiser of an android utility app, results showed  10x more success with interactive mobile advertising than with traditional mobile banner advertising.

If you are wondering what mobile ad units perform better than banners, consider mobile popups by EZmob. EZ Pops are more effective mobile marketing solutions because of the delivery your ad to the targeted audience in a visually appealing manner. They are more original and unexpected than banner ads, and they are designed to fit on the limited screen space of mobile devices.

Mobile devices have created a need for a new type of advertising. Mobile marketing not only has to be visually appealing on the mobile screen, but it needs to be user-friendly and targeted toward each business’s target audience. Mobile popups are priced with a CPM bid that starts as low as $0.10 CPM, meaning 1000 impressions for only ten cents. 


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Engaging Ads

With the significant increase in mobile marketing, businesses worldwide spent more than $3.4 billion dollars in mobile advertising in 2012 alone. To effectively engage users, mobile ad units must be easy to comprehend within a matter of seconds. While banner ads are still an effective desktop computer marketing solution, they are not user-friendly on mobile devices.  With 84% of all smartphones, notebooks, and iPad users utilizing their mobile devices to surf the web—businesses are missing out if they don’t infuse their marketing campaigns with mobile-friendly elements. Mobile ads must not only grab a user’s attention but inspire them to take action.

Independent Validation

To test what mobile popups ad units perform better than banners, a series of independent consumer tests were run. The first was a film strip ad unit. The test took a standard mobile banner and asked mobile users to view the ad and complete a brief survey.

The second test measured user interaction with interactive ad units from full-page banner ad network script ads and interactive sliders. These ads are internally interactive but can be closed so that viewers can return to their previous page.

The third ad unit reviewed was pull ad units that are more interactive than standard banner ads.

The results of the study showed that consumers are 79% more likely to respond to interactive ads. especially with pin submit offers, gambling and forex advertising.

The EZ Pops Difference

The cumulative results of the independent studies above are part of what used to create EZmob’s Pop ads mobile ad units. In his dedication to figuring out what mobile ad units perform better than banners, he used his findings to create his unique mobile popups. He found that interactive ads made users 81% more likely to recall the message of the ad, and 98.1% more likely to remember the brand. This is a drastic difference between standard banner ads that only have 23% brand recognition, and 23% of the message of the ad.

The bottom line

By designing EZ Pops to address the areas of opportunity left by traditional banner ads found a way to truly engage users with mobile ad units.

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