What is OfferVault?

OfferVault is a search engine for offers. Affiliates use it to find where the next winning offer will be, what’s the average payout and which affiliate networks are actively promoting that offer. 

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OfferVault: Main Features

Offervault provides information about specific offers, affiliate networks, pay-per-call offers, and pop traffic sources among other ad networks. Choose one of the categories on the main page and drill into the results with dedicated filtering which includes verticals, network names, countries, and offer types in addition to a standard search for keywords.


The main feature of Offervault is to display offers, so let’s start with taking a look at their offer profile page, this is the page you’ll see when you click any offer. Offervault will basically show you all the information you need in order to start understanding if this offer is good for you. 

You should still cross-reference information on the offer vault with the network itself since there might be outdated information that the networks feed offer vault but in general, Offervault keeps its data updated.


The offer profile page would give you all the details you need before you choose a specific offer you’d like to run with pop ad networks or banner ad network scripts.

  1. Offer Name: The name of the offer, as it’s called on the affiliate network side.
  2. Payout: How much would you receive per conversion? 
  3. Preview: The actual page the users will land on.
  4. Categories: The vertical of the offer; in this case, it’s Non-Incent / First page submit. 
  5. Affiliate Network: The name of the affiliate network that is running that offer.
  6. Countries: the countries where you can convert this offer
  7. Offer description: text description about the offer as it is provided on their affiliate network pages. 

Network Offers Page

A great feature about Offer Vault is that when you find an offer you like, you can start exploring all offers under that ad network. This allows you to understand what the network’s main vertical or specialty is, how many other offers they run and in which verticals. Also, if there are other variations for the offer you’ve been looking for if they provide it in other regions or payment models. Doing this as a process would enable you to find offers that work best for pop advertising and push notification ads


Why use Offervault?

The affiliate marketing industry is complete with promises of money-making offers and campaigns. Many affiliate networks run thousands of other offers, where only a handful makes their publishers a severe amount. The majority of offers on an affiliate network have never seen a conversion. 

Offervault, as a search engine for offers, can make sense of the offer jungle. You can utilize Offervault and cross-reference your findings with it. You can check if you’re getting the public payout or lower. Also, you can see if the offer you’re running in network X brings a higher payout on network Y and switch to it instead. 


How can you make money with Offervault?

Offervault is not a network where you can expect a payout from them, Offervault is a reference tool that helps you locate offers to promote, but they will enable you to have many more insights than forums and message boards.

Offervault is integrated with hundreds of affiliate networks which means they own valuable data on what’s hot currently in affiliate marketing

You can use Offervault to improve your ROI instantly by simply checking for a better payout for the offer you’ve been running. 

You can also involve AffiliTest in your payout optimization process, and if you see that the link you’re using is redirecting to a different affiliate network than the one you’re working with. 

Can I run offers directly from Offervault?

No, Offervault shows you preview URLs, not the tracking URLs. You would still need to register with each network you find through Offervault. You can get the tracking link with your affiliate ID there. 

Any questions about the payout or other specifications you need help with should go directly to the affiliate network, not Offervault.

Is Offervault legit?

Offervault is integrated with an affiliate network it is onboard for its affiliate offers directory. That means that each offer that goes live with a specific affiliate network is immediately registered on Offervault. 

This type of integration provides the legitimacy you’re looking for when you’re looking at any data set. Offervault is an aggregator of API feeds provided to them by affiliate networks. It will be really easy to understand whether a certain affiliate network is providing offer vault with the wrong details, or offering details that you won’t find if you register an affiliate account with that network. 

Can you advertise on Offervault?

Yes, this is mainly for affiliate networks that are looking for new affiliates. 

Affiliate networks can advertise on different sections of offervault’s site across sponsored posts and listing, sponsored mailers to offervault’s user base, and banner advertising. 

How much does Offervault cost?

There’s no cost to Offervault, it’s totally free. Offervault monetized its service with promotions from an affiliate network and major advertisers who are looking to acquire affiliate partners.

What are some alternatives to Offervault?

There are a few affiliate directories that provide clarity for affiliate marketers. 

  1. Odigger.com
  2. affplus.com
  3. affpaying.com

The bottom line

Offervault is one of those affiliate marketing tools that everyone should know. If you’re just getting started in affiliate marketing make sure you pay Offervault a visit prior to setting any offer live, there’s no telling what you would find out and how it can instantly make your campaign a bit easier. 

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