What are onclick popunder ads?

There’s different types of pop advertising formats, not just popunder and pop up, but also the way users engage with them carries vast significance when you buy online popunder traffic. Knowing the difference helps you make the difference between successful popunder campaigns and not-so-successful ones. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the differences among popunder ad formats and understand what each difference gets you, the affiliate marketer. 

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So, what makes onclick popunder ads different?

Onclick popunder ads load below the main browser window where the user is active on, the difference is that with onclick popunder ads, the popunder is triggered after the user interacted with the website in some way, usually by clicking on the page itself and scrolling down or up. Only then an onclick popunder ad will be triggered to display. 


How does the onclick popunder ad format work?

The great thing with onclick popunder ads and pop advertising, in general, is that you don’t have to have a creative to launch a popunder campaign. 

All you need to go live with an onclick popunder campaign is the tracking URL you’ve been provided with by the affiliate network. That should be sufficient to understand whether the affiliate offer has any chance to convert at all, prior to creating new and exciting landing pages and user funnels. 

After the onclick popunder has been triggered the user will be redirected directly to the affiliate offer tracking URL you’ve provided when setting up the onclick campaign. 

onclick popunders are mainly used to generate leads and sales. Advertisers usually set these campaigns to lead directly to an affiliate offer or a pre-determined landing page that is suitable for the offer. The landing pages affiliates use is for a good reason, they usually boost the conversion rates and time-on-site from users who are directed to the advertiser’s conversion pages. 

You may also set up landing page rotation to be sure which of your landing pages performs the best. 

Main advantages of onclick popunder ads

Onclick popunder inventory is abundant

Onclick popunders are abundant. The sheer amount of popunder advertising ad requests across most ad networks will make bids cheaper and make it easy for most performance advertisers to get started.

onclick popunder ads are cost effective

For EZmob, the minimum bid for popunders and pop advertisements is merely $0.20 CPM. This means that for 0.20c, you can get 1000 visitors to visit your website. This is fantastic for a variety of reasons, which we’ll go through below.


Are onclick popunder ads effective?

They are more effective than the traditional pop and popunder ad units that do not support onclick popunder triggering. 
If there’s no trigger coming from the user, then you should be doubtful if the user has even seen your ad, it’s also a very basic tool to avoid bots clicking your ads.

How long does it take for an onclick popunder ad to pop?

Once a user has clicked any pixel of a publisher’s landing page the triggered onclick popunder page will pop instantly, usually within a couple of milliseconds. 

are onclick popunder ads more expensive?

No, onclick popunders are more related to the way popunder ads are served. EZmob supports only onclick popunder formats to ensure the best quality for its clients and maximal engagement from its users. 
The same bid applies for onclick popunder ads as it is for usual popunders. 

Highest engagement and click-through rates

Due to its disruptive nature, onclick popunder ads usually yield a greater engagement rate from the user and allow more people on your website than any other ad format. 
Due to this advertisers can also utilize remarketing technologies to re-broadcast their campaigns at a cheaper rate and better conversion rate than usual RON media buy activities. 
onclick popunder

How much do onclick popunder ads cost?

Onclick popunder ads are cheap, very cheap, you can start to buy cheap popunder traffic with only 20c per 1000 impressions, or $0.20 CPM. The only limitation would be competition from other popunder advertisers. 

Is onclick popunder fraud-proof?

No. Ad fraud is able to generate onclick triggers and mimic real user behavior, that’s why ad networks such as EZmob use external 3rd party monitoring services to control the quality provided by their publisher’s pop ads inventory.

What sort of targeting does onclick popunder allow?

Same as other ad formats, onclick popunder ads allow all the popular targeting features and tech that are offered by any other ad format that EZmob provides. 

The main targeting features available for onclick popunder advertisers: 

    1. Platform
    2. Browser
    3. Operating system
    4. Device brand
    5. Whitelist/Blacklist
    6. Placements or subIDs
    7. Carrier
    8. Country and City
    9. IP
    10. Browser

and more. 

The bottom line

onclick popunder ads are a great marketing tool that allows you volume traffic to test your offers for a very low rate and guarantee engagement from your bought traffic.

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