What's Redtrack tracker?

Redtrack is a tracking platform that allows media buyers and affiliate marketers to consolidate all the offers that they are promoting in one central location. 

Working with Redtrack.io allows buyers to: 

  • set up all offers in one central location
  • integrate easily with ad networks and traffic sources
  • import reports and offers from affiliate programs and networks
  • gather important campaign insights and act on them
  • redirect unnecessary traffic to better products 

and much more, read this article to learn all about Redtrack tracking platform.

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Why should affiliate marketers track with Redtrack tracker? ​

There’s already enough tracking platforms to choose from, but each of them does what it does in a slightly different way and knowing the features of the tracking platform you plan to work with is a must. 

Redtrack comes with many popular media buying features already baked in and does not request any extra fees for using these features. 


Redtrack Tracker: Top 10 Features

Consolidated Tracking Monitoring

Redtrack allows you to consolidate all your marketing efforts in one place, it doesn’t matter if you’re buying from Facebook or a popup ad network buying pop ads

Get higher ROI with Creative Optimization

Affiliates can utilize Redtrack’s variance reports, multi-level breakdown reports, and smart attribution to understand who. the most performing ads are and scale them up as well as cut out non-performing creative ads. 

Redtrack also offers helpful tools such as A/B testing and ad rotation to give you the insights you need while running your affiliate marketing campaigns. 

Advanced Tracking Automation Rules

Smart links, auto-optimization rules, and smart alerts allow you to stay top of the game when you are awake and stop non-performing campaigns when you sleep. No hidden spend/revenue-based fees.

RedTrack provides users with smart links, smart alerts and automatic optimization logic and rule set up that allow you to keep sleeping while earning. And the best thing, RedTrack provides this at no extra cost!

170+ Integrations already done

Yes, firstly, EZmob is integrated as a traffic source with RedTrack. All you need to do to get the data you need from EZmob’s campaigns into your Redtrack account is simply to choose EZmob’s integration on Redtrack’s traffic source selection tool. Read more about our integration with Redtrack here.

Multi-channel advertising measurement

Advertisers can now easily monitor their ongoing campaigns across various traffic sources in a very straightforward way. Automate your optimization methods and allocate budgets quickly to where their needed the most. 

Cookie Vision

The deprecation of 3rd party cookies makes marketeers lives a bit harder, but with RedTrack Cookieless tracking you’re bound for stability in tracking your pop campaigns. Gain control over the performance of each step of your customers’ funnel.


Consolidated Event Tracking

You don’t only have to focus on the payable conversions, RedTrack allows you to attribute each event the user goes through in its funnel prior to reaching that ultimate payable conversion.

How to add EZmob as a traffic source on RedTrack?

Add Traffic Source

Adding traffic sources in your Redtrack tracker account is very easy to do, RedTrack incentive is to allow you to work with the pop ad networks you are already familiar and buying traffic for. 

  1. Go the Traffic Sources
  2. Choose New 
  3. Search for EZmob
  4. Click Add Network
  5. Save 

Setup RedTrack Campaign and Get Click URL

Once you have added EZmob as a traffic source  proceed with the campaign creation. Once you save the campaign configuration a Click URL will be generated automatically.


Set up conversion tracking on RedTrack

If you really want a consolidated tracking platform to give you all the features possible you should consider implemented conversion tracking in any onclick popunder campaign you run with EZmob or with other pop ad networks. 

Tracking is consolidated by taking the EZmob S2S postback URL, available on the profile page, and inputting it in the S2S Postbacks field in RedTrack. 

ezmob pixel tracker

Once you have EZmob’s pixel URL copy it and paste it in the campaign setting in RedTrack’s tracking interface. 

Make sure to replace {token} with {ref_id} MACRO.

Make sure you update your EZmob’s campaigns with the relevant RedTrack URLs you have prepared and launch your campaigns. 

That’s it, you’re RedTrck account is now fully integrated with EZmob as a traffic source. 

s2s postback

How much does RedTrack cost?

RedTrack is fairly priced but not the cheapest of its competitors. The Pro plan start at $83 / mo when buying annually. 

RedTrack does not limit your click tracking and include them as ‘engagements’ that allows clients to sleep well at night knowing that a campaign won’t explode with traffic and they would need to pay thousands of dollars for tracking non-payable events. 

The main difference between the plans is between the Pro and Advanced plans. The advanced plans receive greater access to reports with the Variance. report and longer with data retention, as well as better support measurements. 

If you’re simply running offers and giving RedTrack a try you can do so with their 14 days free trial, we’re certain you’d like it.


Shared Reports

Marketing is a team-oriented business, and when you work with certain traffic sources, you might want to involve them in certain aspects of your campaign. If you’re seeing discrepancies with the click amounts you receive from a certain traffic source then you might opt to share the click report, daily, with your traffic source in an effort to control discrepancies. 

What are some of the alternatives to RedTrack tracker?

The affiliate tracking niche is full of capable tracking companies, the difference between all of them are the features they provide, the integration count or how many companies (both affiliate networks and ad networks) are connected already, and their pricing structure. 

Some alternatives to the RedTrack tracker are:

    1. Skro tracker
    2. Bemob Tracker
    3. Voluum Tracker
    4. CPV Lab Pro
    5. AdsBridge
    6. Trackier
    7. PeerClick

Read our product reviews through the above links. 

RedTrack tracker's Support

RedTrack support is easy to connect with through various channels. RedTrack also provides its clients with a rich knowledge base, blog and tutorial videos. If you’re not familiar with tracking at all, they have all the tools to bring you up to speed. 

The bottom line

RedTrack is definitely a premium tracking solution rich with features and already integrated into a wide variety of traffic sources. The pricing for it is not higher than the top tracking firms and it enables features not available in others. 

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