What is Popup Advertising?

Popup advertising is buying traffic or practicing media buying with pop ads or popunder ads. Affiliate marketers and media buyers usually buy pop traffic to maximize their ad budget and gain thousands of users landing on their pages for minimal CPC and CPM rates.

What is a Popup ad?

Pop-up ads, also known as onclick popunder ads, or simply popunder ads, are a form of online advertising focused on generating online web traffic. Pop ads are usually triggered to open in a new browser window with the help of a JavaScript code similar to banner ad network-scripts.

Although these desktop and mobile ad formats are popular with webmasters and bloggers, they miss the love of online users and there are plenty of utilities to make them disappear such as popup ad blockers.

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What do you need to consider when promoting with popup advertising?

When dealing with popup advertising, a few issues need to be addressed and maintained: 

    1. how long does it take for the popup advertising unit to show for the user once he lands on your website? If it’s too quick then your visitor might be alarmed and persuaded to log off your website, and if too slow then you might not get a chance to convert that user at all. 
    2. Don’t challenge the users with hard-to-close popup advertising ad formats, if the user is not going to buy he’s not going to buy, making it harder for him to eliminate the popup ad will just make him eliminate your site altogether. 
    3. The frequency with which your popup appears is also critical, bombard the users with too many popups and you lost that user for life. 
    4. Think of the call to action your popup conveys, make sure it fits your general targets

Popup Advertising: Top 10 Features

Popups are cheap and effective

Popup advertising is known for the low bids and expansive traffic volumes it brings to any affiliate marketing campaign. When done right affiliate marketers get an effective tool that can turn around your campaign for the better, when not done right it might crash your site with the traffic you weren’t ready to handle. 
At EZmob, popup advertising bids start at $0.20 CPM, meaning you pay 20 cents for every 1000 visitors who land on your website.

The most effective ad format is a popup

Popups work because they annoy users, annoyed users are engaged users and are users which are not blind to your advertising. Users are banner blind, they’re not banner annoyed and that’s why banners will get you a 0.20% click-through rate when buying RON inventory. Annoyed users, or better yet, engaged users, will get you conversions. 

Worldwide coverage

The publishers who monetize with popunder ads are global, there are streaming sites and download portals in any country and in any language, and what they all share is knowing that google isn’t the platform they can monetize with and popup advertising is fully open to take advantage with their traffic. 

So you would never have traffic delivery issues when you buy cheap popunder traffic with a popunder ad network such as EZmob since we are connected to thousands of direct publishers and can scale campaigns anywhere in the world. 

What are the best verticals for popup advertising?

Advertising popups work well with pretty much all verticals and allow you to test many different offers with one popunder ad network instead of allocating your spend between many different networks, the best vertical for popup advertising is

    1. Sweepstakes
    2. Pin submit
    3. Make money offers
    4. Adult offers
    5. Utilities and downloads
    6. Gambling (casino and sports betting offers)
    7. eCommerce

Advanced targeting capabilities

Although popup advertising is probably the 2nd most veteran ad format out there after banner advertising, the technology behind it is not that old. Ad tech has progressed for XML-type marketing (like Adkernel) as much as it did for programmatic advertising agencies. 

So advertisers can segment and target their desired audiences by: 

  1. Operating system
  2. Device brand
  3. IP 
  4. Publisher Feeds and Publisher SubIDs
  5. Browsers and browser versions
  6. Keywords
  7. Countries and cities
  8. Time scheduling
  9. Network connections (wifi / 3g)
  10. Carriers

and much more.

Popup advertising automation

As we mentioned before, the technology for popup advertising is not different than what you would get running openRTB campaigns. Advertisers may develop simple rules to automate their popup media buying by blacklisting certain subIDs that don’t perform for them automatically or allowing a grace period for publishers who do deliver conversions but not at the right price. 

Advertisers can also utilize bid adjustments for specific publisher feeds that might need a push in the right direction to generate ROI. 

Deep reporting

Popup advertising allows you to drill into the data you generated with your popup and popunder campaigns to find where the highest potential to scale and to convert more. Anything you can targeting with can be drilled into on the advertising reporting interface once you launch your campaign. 


Where can I learn more about popup advertising?

Right here, read our collection of case studies and blog posts and refer to our helpdesk, which is packed with helpful articles about how to set up a popup advertising campaign. 

Another tip is to utilize spy tools such as Anstrex or AdPlexity to understand what pop advertisers are running at any given time. 

If you’re looking for the best tracking platform, please check out our reviews of Adsbridge, Skro, CPV Lab Pro, and Voluum.

One last tool you should be familiar with is the optimizer, a great automation tool already deeply integrated with EZmob.

Isn't popup advertising riddled with bots and adware?

Not really, ad fraud is rampant in digital advertising, not only with mobile popups. Check your campaigns on Google ads, a quick drill down in the filtered clicks report will show you Google is no stranger to ad fraud. 

Popup ad networks such as EZmob utilize advanced monitoring services such as ClearTrust, that allow us to fight ad fraud and filter out bot users or any low traffic quality inventory that is generated by publishers, allowing our advertisers to spend their hard-earned budget on easily earned human users.

Popup advertising: FAQs

What is the purpose of pop-up ads?

There are many reasons why you would prefer to buy cheap popunder traffic instead of investing your budget in banner ads or native advertising. Firstly, you want to maximize the engagement you get with users that you receive, popunder ads are notoriously known for doing just that. 

The other purposes webmasters use popup advertising is:

  • to retain users on their website
  • to engage users with the sites their newsletter
  • to engage users with a certain promotion
  • to direct users to other sections of the website
  • and much more

How to maximize the effect of popup advertising?

You should offer the users who view your popup advertising ads an offer they can’t refuse. Usually, it goes hand in hand with the word “Free”. It doesn’t matter if you’re offering a free subscription, ebook, tutorial video, or course. Users love free stuff.

You can also push users to progress down the funnel with time-limited offers as well so you can appeal to the FOMO feeling that users get online.

A|B Test your popup advertising creatives

A|B Testing is a common practice no matter what the ad format you choose to run is. In our scenario, EZmob advertisers can simply upload a 2nd or 3rd creative to their popup campaign creative bank and that addition would go into the rotation along with the other creatives that are attached to the pop campaign. 

This allows you to understand which of your creatives or pop landing pages has the best conversion rate, which will allow you to invent tweaks and continue to improve your conversion rate and scale your campaigns. 

Popup Advertising

How much does popup advertising cost?

Different pop ad networks have different starting bids, for EZmob the starting bid for popunder traffic, no matter the vertical or targeting, is only $0.20 CPM, meaning you pay 2000 for every 1000 users that go through your tracking link and land on your website or landing page. 

The low bid for pops greatly mitigates the risks of launching new campaigns since it allows you more users for the same spend you would have incurred on practically any other form of advertising.


OK, I'm sold, How do I start advertising with popups?

This is how you can launch your first popup advertising campaign today:

    1. Register an advertiser account here
    2. Verify your email and update your profile details
    3. Fund your account with at least $50 – read more details
    4. Go to the Campaign navigation menu, click ‘Create popunder campaign’
    5. Enter your campaign name, budget and daily cap, click Next.
    6. Enter your campaign’s targeting, click Next
    7. Enter your campaign creative URL or tracking link
    8. Click Submit

That’s it, you’re now a verified popunder marketer.

Popup Advertising

The bottom line

You don’t have to like popup advertising to understand it works. If you’re an affiliate marketer or media buyer, you should be familiar with popup advertising and realize what it can do for your bottom line. 

If you enjoyed this article, we hope you register an account and give EZmob’s inventory a try; check where we have inventory daily for popunder ads on our inventory page

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